Mercedes S 500 Cabriolet driving report

Mercedes S 500 Cabriolet (2016) driving report
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A n the top of the current convertible -Offensive from Mercedes is now returning a dream car that many fans no longer dared to dream of a new edition. But although the new S 500 convertible costs 15,351 euros more than the coupé and at least 139,052 euros, it's almost a bargain.

New Mercedes S-Class convertible is almost a bargain

Well-maintained copies of the last predecessor, the 280 SE 3.5 (1969 to 1971), are more priced than under 200,000 euros, and the successor naturally has a lot more to offer in terms of technical sophistication.

After all, it represents next to the usual Progress of five decades also claims to be the most luxurious and comfortable convertible in the world. The thickly lined acoustic top closes up to 50 km /h in just 20 seconds and envelops the occupants like a cocoon. When the roof is open, a retractable spoiler above the windshield including an automatic wind deflector behind the rear seats noticeably reduces the turbulence in the rear, and as additional extras, the thermal comfort package with heated armrests and steering wheel as well as the neck heating do a good job.

Extravagant: The S-Class wants to be the most luxurious and comfortable convertible in the world.

Air suspension with supple comfort

When you hide the annoying side effects of open-top driving In any case, Mercedes does not surpass each other, and the driving comfort is absolute top - from the superior response of the adaptive air suspension to the smooth rolling of the optional 20-inch wheels to the massage seats with activeCornering support.

Only in Sport mode is the Airmatic chassis a bit more rugged, and the rear legroom and the trunk volume (closed 350, open 250 liters) could be a bit more generous in view of the 5.03 meter length. But although neither the lush external dimensions nor the 2.1 tonnes empty weight can be disputed, the pleasantly direct steering makes the handling light-footed and concrete.

Relaxed: Despite a powerful 455 hp, the S 500 with the nine-speed automatic makes a relaxed connection.

Mercedes S 500 Cabrio: powerful or relaxed

The extremely powerful 4.7- Liter V8 biturbo with 455 hp and 700 Nm, which forms an extremely relaxed and accurate connection with the new nine-speed automatic. If he is allowed to show what he can do, he trumpets very eight-cylinder from its two tailpipes and pushes the occupants into the fine, electrically adjustable leather seats. The factory specification promises 4.6 seconds from zero to 100 km /h, and there is little reason to doubt it.

He does intermediate sprints calmly and casually, although the 9-G-Tronic doesn't really care whether the driver makes himself important with the shift paddles or whether he leaves the transmission to itself.

Mickrig: The trunk of up to 350 liters is too small for long trips.
Also available as a steam hammer with a velvet cover

Hardly anything else - except for the AMG variants S 63 4Matic (V8, 585 PS , 900 Nm) and S 65 (V12, 630 PS, 1,000 Nm) including particularly fast-shifting seven-speed automatic Speedshift, which give the steam hammer with a velvet cover and spice up the all-encompassing comfort experience, especially in Sport Plus mode, with an extra dose of thunder and drama. Just in case the calm becomes too calm and the perfection becomes too perfect.


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