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Mercedes-Maybach SL (2022): Is the luxury four-cylinder coming?

There is initial information about the upcoming Mercedes-Maybach SL. Here's what we already know and what we suspect.

Not long ago we were presented with the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 one of the most expensive four-cylinder cars. The open sports car with the smallest drive option costs around 120,000 euros. In the meantime, CEO Ola Källenius has presented the planned realignment of the brand and at the same time also announced a Maybach variant of the current SL. And now we ask ourselves whether Mercedes dares to sell the four-cylinder even more expensively?,

V12 instead of R4

Chief designer Gorden Wagener has already published a small appetizer of the luxury roadster on Instagram. You can see a section of the front of the vehicle with a standing star on the hood in a contrasting color and the well-known Maybach radiator grille. However, there are no further details, such as the technology. However, it is unlikely that the Maybach SL will actually arrive as a four-cylinder – if only with a look at the S-Class. For example, they can only wear the V12 under the hood if it says Maybach on it. The twelve-pointer remains exclusively reserved for the luxury version of the limousine . The standard model as the S 580 4-Matic is equipped with a maximum four-liter V8.,

Against this background, it would be assumed that the SL will also be equipped with the 612 hp six-liter V12, and then in competition with the already light stepping on the aging Rolls-Royce Dawn . After all, the people of Stuttgart want to concentrate much more on the topic of luxury and let the majority of all development funds flow into this area. Most recently, Mercedes had the SL of the predecessor series R 231 in its portfolio until 2018 as the SL 65 with twelve cylinders . Such a model in a noble guise would go well with the new brand profile. After all, open twelve-cylinders are a real rarity in the automotive world.,

And rarities are also in the specification for the Stuttgart company. Under the title "Mythos Series", the manufacturer is planning exclusive, limited collector's special editions. Gorden Wagener also gives a glimpse of this on his Instagram profile and it is undoubtedly the side view of the current SL . However, this teaser photo does not seem to have anything to do with the Maybach variant. After all, the star is missing on the hood and that's indispensable for Maybach. However, special models could also be equipped with a V12 engine to emphasize their exclusivity. You can find out what advantages the production model of the SL has in our slide show at the top of the article.,


Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener gives a first look at the upcoming Maybach SL on his Instagram profile. It is unlikely that he will get the four-cylinder from the production model. Instead, the variant could be equipped with a V12, analogous to the Maybach S-Class. The planned special editions of the "Mythos Series" would also be a nice way not to bury the twelve-cylinder on the one hand and to sell it profitably to loyal customers on the other.


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