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Mercedes EQE in the configurator: 150,000 euros in 3 minutes

Mercedes has opened the configurator for the EQE. Prices start at 67,652 euros for the EQE 350+. But what is the maximum? We clicked through.

Real full equipment, as Mercedes connoisseurs know, is practically non-existent: Extras are often mutually exclusive. This is also the case with the Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4Matic, which we configure. Panoramic sunroof and trailer hitch cannot be combined. So get rid of the tick for the hook on which only 750 kilograms are allowed to hang anyway. Honestly: A trailer with green waste behind the futuristic electric model? There would still be a bike rack on the rear - but that ruined the exemplary aerodynamics and thus the impressive range of 532 kilometers according to WLTP. As you can see, anyone who configures an electric car is faced with conflicting goals, which are not only determined by the configuration assistant, but also by their own conscience. But we will come to that elsewhere.

EQE: The small EQS

First to the car: The EQE, model code V295 , like the larger EQS , uses the EVA II platform and technically has nothing to do with the sedan and T-model of the E-Class to do. The dimensions already show that: With a length of 4.95 meters, the electric four-door has CLS format. Because electric motors take up less space and allow shorter overhangs, the wheelbase extends to 3.12 meters to the format of a short S-Class. The trunk, on the other hand, is rather compact at 420 liters and is already topped by a C-Class sedan : The luggage compartment of the combustion engine versions has a capacity of 455 liters.

When it comes to drives, the buyer can choose between the 350+ with a permanently excited synchronous machine in the rear and the AMG 43 4Matic with two motors at the start of ordering. The basic version costs 67,652 euros including the manufacturer's bonus. Its electric motor has an output of 215 kW, or 292 hp in old currency, and accelerates the EQE from zero to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds. According to the WLTP cycle, the 90 kWh battery is sufficient for 639 kilometers. After 15 minutes on a DC charger with a charging capacity of up to 170 kW, the battery has power for 250 kilometers again.

AMG EQE 43 costs 103,828 euros

The AMG EQE 43 4Matic has a motor on both axles and therefore all-wheel drive. The two permanently excited synchronous machines deliver a combined output of 350 kW (476 hp). The 2.5-ton vehicle flies from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. More power costs range: 532 kilometers are still impressive. The price is also impressive: the AMG version costs 103,828 euros. But that's not all. After a few minutes we will have clicked special equipment worth a Mercedes EQA 250 into the Stromer.

And that, although some things are already included as standard. The "Mercedes-AMG exterior", for example, with an implied Panamericana grille on the closed front panel, 20-inch wheels in a 5-twin-spoke design and various lettering.We add the night package for 666 euros. This brings various trim parts in black and darker tinted glass from the B-pillar. Let's get to the colors. Black is the only paint that costs no extra. Mercedes is asking 357 euros for white, which probably nobody would have paid in the 1990s. But it's even more expensive.

Graphite gray magno for 3,332 euros

If you order metallic for 1,071 euros, you can choose between the classic obsidian black, two shades of gray, as well as high-tech silver and spectral blue. Manufactory paints bring further selection such as the well-known hyacinth red and an alpine gray for 1,464 euros each. There is also a very expensive white (1,964 euros) and the matt, shimmering graphite gray Magno – which we choose simply because of the highest surcharge of 3,332 euros.

Wheels for 6,188 euros

Wheels are also important for the external appearance of a car. The most expensive items here are not the 21-inch multi-spoke wheels for 2,023 euros, but the complete winter wheels: they are listed at 4,165 euros in the configurator. Did we just tick wheels for €6,188?

Under the next item "Exterior Extras", the heated windscreen and the acoustic comfort package add 690 and 1,071 euros to the basic price. In addition to heat-insulating and infrared-reflecting laminated glass, the latter also contains "acoustic foams" and "particularly low-vibration chassis components". Certainly not a fault in a particularly quiet electric car. The "AMG spoiler lip in high-gloss black" for 298 euros is intended to offer a technical benefit in addition to the look, by reducing lift at high speeds. The AMG EQE runs at 210 km/h.

Interior: the EQE is not vegan

The EQE 43 has an AMG interior with two screens as standard. Seats and doors are covered with synthetic fiber and man-made leather, the steering wheel rim with nappa leather. While other manufacturers such as Audi, Cupra, Polestar or Kia offer animal-free interiors made from recycled plastics, Mercedes relies on classic luxury here - there is no vegan interior, even for an extra charge.

The nappa leather interior – available in one or two colors – puts a strain on the account with 2,703 euros and on the conscience of all those who froth their cappucino with an oat drink for reasons of animal welfare and avoid the sausage truck at the weekly market.

At least a tree doesn't have to die for the decorative elements: carbon fits perfectly with a high-tech car and costs 1,131 euros. But there would also be linden (standard), either open-pored (354 euros) or walnut with a ship's deck look (583 euros). In the past, i.e. at the time of the W124 , there was more walnut root. But that's another topic.

9,699 euros for carbon and Hyperscreen

The chic braided look in the center console has expensive consequences: if you order carbon trim elements, you also have to take the MBUX Hyperscreen.The configuration assistant charmingly calls this "This selection requires an optimization of your configuration". We optimize and add a total of 9,699 euros to the basic price. The 1.41 meter wide OLED display trio under the common cover glass can be ordered individually for 8,568 euros.

Let's get to the packages. There are four, with the Advance package included as standard: flush door handles, smartphone integration and a wireless charging surface are already on board. With the Advanced Plus package for 2,202 euros, the EQE pays attention to its surroundings with blind spot and lane departure warning systems, opens the doors with keyless go and makes the interior more homely with ambient lighting. The third package is called Premium and increases both the utility and the play value: With extended driver assistance, the EQE glides semi-autonomously through traffic, helps with parking, protects and warns of bad guys, automatically regulates the climate in four zones, and provides sound for all occupants via the Burmester sound system. All this together costs 7,937 euros.

Driver assistance and fire extinguisher

Anything missing? Yes, a panoramic sunroof and head-up display please. Together with the US package plus, this is now called the premium plus package and costs 11,144 euros. It just doesn't work in combination with a trailer hitch because, as mentioned, the panoramic sunroof has the snag that the EQE shouldn't have one. We don't have many ticks left to tick. One of the most expensive: The ceramic high-performance composite brake system with bronze-colored brake calipers and 44-centimeter discs on the front axle for 4,998 euros. And of course we don't forget a Mercedes classic: the fire extinguisher on the driver's seat console. For Mercedes-typical 142.80 euros gross, a cheap extra that is reminiscent of the blissful days of the W124 and, in case of doubt, protects against worse.


The Mercedes EQE offers - whether AMG or not - everything from driver assistance to fire extinguishers and thus that equipment combination of high-tech and precaution that is characteristic of the cars with the star. The drab and expensive choice of colors, on the other hand, is disappointing, as is the lack of an option for a vegan interior. But whether this is a disadvantage, everyone can decide for themselves. Is a fully equipped EQE worth its 153,689 euros? Definitely when a top-class electric car with excellent driving performance, all technical possibilities and a range similar to a combustion engine is on the shopping list.


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