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Mercedes E-Class Cabrio E 350 CGI in the driving report: Convertible with a calming effect

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio E 350 CGI in the driving report
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E gal whether Lothar, Xynthia or just a small storm: When it comes to the Taming of the Shrew, Mercedes is always at the forefront. Electric seat heating has been extending the fresh air season since 1976, and the caring Swabians were the first to have a wind deflector or hot air nozzle in the neck (Airscarf). In the new E-Class Cabrio, another extra helps to keep the wind in its place if necessary.

A special aircap ensures low wind loads

The “Aircap” option hides a little hat that is really no antics. But a spoiler, which is lifted six centimeters from the upper windshield frame by a 1.8 centimeter flat electromechanical system - at the push of a button and up to 160 km /h. This chops up the air flow through a gauze cloth and guides it in a neatly curved arc over the heads of the occupants. At least that's what the Mercedes wind tunnel says. And it also calculates a lot of green areas for virtual occupants as a sign of low wind loads. Even in the rear it should be less drafty in the future than in other four-seater convertibles in the front. And because the airflow passes so far above, the associated wind deflector between the two rear head restraints can be very small. Only after this, say the engineers, does the airflow gently land on the body again.

The soft top opens in 20 seconds

This means that even at 130 km /h in the first row of seats almost calm, only a light wind pulls the hair on the head. In row two, on the other hand, it gets drafty from 1.80 meters in height. Aircap or not - the storm blows a little more cautiously at 100 km /h, but it blows. After all, children should for the first time imagine themselves in an open four-seater in a cold-free room. One disadvantage, however, remains: The whole thing does not look pretty, while the Airscarf jet nozzles press harmoniously between the headrest and seat. The flow of the air scarf can now also be varied in direction. Aircap and -scarf are available together as a comfort package for 1,250 euros - with a savings of 119 euros compared to individual prices. True purists among the topless drivers leave all the air fuss untouched and prefer to be pleased that the E-Class can now electrically pull down its soft top in 20 seconds up to 40 km /h. Then enjoythe vortex of air that slaps the neck from behind, the hair tousled - and the fact that Mercedes serves much more than just hot air.

The E-Class Cabrio offers comfort and solidity

The fourth and last member of the E-Class family has also become an excellent car. Aside from all pedantic discussions about how much C there is in the E, the convertible glides virtuously on the Mercedes virtues of comfort and solidity. Even the most serious mistakes in road construction do not cause the 1.8-tonne body to groan or twist. The 3.5-liter direct-injection petrol engine whispers gently in the partial load range, while the steel suspension carries the occupants lively across the asphalt. A car that transports you and doesn't challenge you. Not for adrenaline junkies, but for relaxing driving after a hard day's work. If you can still feel the steering feel of the earlier CLK in your wrist, you will still notice how much more direct and precise the new one is. At full throttle, the 292 hp V6 in the 350 CGI also bites hard, but treats itself to a little pre-kickdown break that you would knock the propeller of any BMW.

An excellent insulating acoustic hood is used

The further switching work of the standard seven-speed automatic transmission is beyond any criticism. As with the sedan, however, it only changes gears in the six- and eight-cylinder models; all four-cylinders have to make do with the six-speed manual gearbox or the five-speed automatic transmission, which is less efficient. In addition to two additional side headbags at the front, an excellent insulating acoustic hood is now used. If it is closed, the drag coefficient is a remarkably low 0.28. Despite its 4.7 meters external length, the space available does not reveal any miracles. In the rear, the knees and shoulders are astonishingly tight, depending on the build, and with the top down, the luggage compartment shrinks from 390 to 300 liters. From 45,815 euros (200 CGI), the warm air season at Mercedes dealers starts on March 27th.


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