Mercedes E 500 T (station wagon) in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Mercedes E 500 T in the test
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V spared on the economic crisis, family on Neck and fist on the fist in the neck? Then let's get to the Mercedes E 500 T. Head of the T-Clan and living room of all Mercedes fans with a back-tick, but without hectic. A track in which the newcomer also settles.

Mercedes E 500 T spares us lifestyle glamor

Visually more harmonious than the sedan and just two centimeters longer, but 2,618 euros more expensive, the Mercedes E 500 T spares us with a twisted lifestyle -Glamour. Instead, he plays the good buddy, the contender for the final car. Just when the rear door is opened, when it swings open electrically as standard, the roller blind slides upwards, revealing a view of the smooth-surfaced cargo area. 695 liters in size, with an adjustable floor and storage compartment. In between, the folding basket is waiting for quick shopping. Should it ever get a little more, the backrests can be flattened using the handle on the flap cut-out, so that 1,950 liters are available. Then the portal closes again elegantly at the push of a button. Shut up, now the V8 can fulfill the promise of the trapezoidal tailpipes.

From zero to 100 km /h in 5.3 seconds

Nothing with taxi diesel or V6 gasoline: For over The 5.5-liter V8 may be 70,000 euros. A vacuum cleaner that pours out lava-like power and torque, gently converts through the seven automatic levels. Only when the accelerator pedal is pressed firmly can it be carried away to pound, vibrate noticeably beyond 5,000 rpm. Those who do not want to constantly accelerate to 100 km /h in 5.3 seconds rarely need more than 3,000 rpm for ambitious swimming. Then an average of 12.7 liters /100 km is sufficient for the 1.9-tonner, and accelerated speed requires a surcharge.

You're in good hands in the Mercedes E 500 T

Chassis and steering play With. With the standard air suspension including adjustable damping, the Mercedes E 500 T keeps the driver's pulse down as consistently as the speed up. Especially since a bunch of assistance systems including a - sometimes a little nervous - Presafe brake is on watch in the background. If only life were as protected as a Mercedes T-model.


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