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Mercedes E 500 Cabriolet in the test: convertible at dynamic coupé level

Rossen Gargolov
Mercedes E 500 Cabriolet in the test
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B when testing the Mercedes E 500 Cabriolet came first Perplexity, then despair, finally anger: “Where the hell is the damn convertible top switch?” The editor-in-chief rages, the sun laughs. The weather is good and the switch that opens the electric fabric roof is well hidden. May others place their control buttons in front of the gearshift lever or in the center console without any ideas and visible to everyone. According to its advertising motto “the best or nothing”, Mercedes prefers to allocate the longingly sought-after control unit its own place.

In the Mercedes E 500 convertible it is “if you search, you will find”

To Fortunately, the button can be found in the E-Class Cabriolet under a small flap in front of the center armrest. 'Someone should come up with it.' The game of hide and seek makes sense anyway. Accidental activation of the convertible top is therefore impossible. Anyone who is topless in the Mercedes E 500 Cabrio has made the decision consciously and can enjoy the elements uninhibited. Especially without the wind deflector to be installed over the rear bench, the open Mercedes E-Class is quite airy. A trait that the rear-wheel drive newcomer has in common with other four-seater convertibles. Open-air fans with an attachment - and those who prefer the four-seat variant of open-air enjoyment - will still be happy to save the installation of the wind deflector in the rear part of the passenger compartment. The constant up and down is now annoying again.

Mercedes offers several alternatives as wind deflectors

Exactly - thought the Mercedes engineers and developed an innovative alternative. The latter goes by the name Aircap and describes a visually unattractive, albeit effective, combination of a wind deflector that extends at the push of a button above the front window frame and a six-centimeter-high mini wind deflector between the headrests of the rear seats. According to the press kit, the comfort delicacy, which costs 821 euros surcharge, should create a “warm air pool” in the interior, in which all four occupants in the Mercedes E 500 Cabriolet can then bathe undisturbed. Drivers who order the automatic draft-stop as part of the € 1,250 convertible comfort package can also have their neck caressed by a warm-air scarf called Airscarf. Traditionalists, couples traveling alone or people who love theSimply unable to reconcile idiosyncratic front flaps with their aesthetic perception, Mercedes also still offers a conventional 'angle wind deflector'. This is significantly cheaper at 486 euros.

Braking distance of 35.8 meters is convincing with the Mercedes E 500 Cabrio

Those who shy away from the confusion of wind deflectors can do so within 20 seconds and up to 40 km /h and prefer to close the soft top in adverse conditions even while driving, you can convince yourself of the excellent noise insulation of the soft headgear. In addition, the Mercedes E 500 Cabriolet showed hardly any less good sporting facilities than the coupé of the same name. In the slalom, the two two-door cars are exactly the same speed with an average speed of 65.1 km /h; on the small course in Hockenheim, the convertible, which is around 130 kilograms heavier, leaves just two tenths of a second. But the open E 500 scores on the brakes: 35.8 meters of braking distance after the tenth full braking from 100 km /h are compared to 38.3 meters for the Coupé. Seen in this way, the 6,000 euros more open-air fun in the Mercedes E 500 Cabriolet can only be paid for in monetary terms.


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