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Mercedes CLS 63 AMG
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How aptly said the press spokesman on the occasion of the presentation in the orange-tree-decorated atmosphere of the southern Californian city of San Diego: “The presentation of the Mercedes The CLS 63 AMG was deliberately relocated to this noble part of the world
because it is, so to speak, the natural habitat of large Mercedes-AMG models. ”The sunny weather forecast may have played a role - but that's right: it doesn't actually take any two kilometers until the first of what feels like a dozen AMG models from the big, The exit of a privileged reserve, bordered by a picturesque natural stone arch, rolls and the inmates also unexpectedly big eyes in view of the new tribal brother appearing in the wild so suddenly
a make.

Completely clear: With a speed limit of 65, with an exception in Indian country near the Mexican border even 75 miles, the temptation must be huge, voluntarily the range of services of 525, with 'Performance Package' ( 7735 euros) to succumb to 557 hp. One bet: By May at the latest, the launch period for the new AMG model, which costs just under € 116,000 in this country, the first CLS 63 AMG will be available in addition to the range of diverse broad-gauge horsepower cars in the halls of those interested in buying the best Has contacts to the local AMG dealer.

Can you hear a hint of envy? Oh no. The factual reasons that speak in favor of the new flagship from AMGManufaktur are all the more convincing on this side of the big pond, especially since the four-door Gan Turismo is far better in this country


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