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Maybach kit for Mercedes E-Class: Little Maybach for little money

With the conversion kit from a Chinese dealer, a Mercedes E-Class becomes a Maybach without a fat wallet – but a very thin one.

If you want the ultimate luxury from Mercedes, you have to go for a Maybach model. Such a Maybach model is of course expensive - otherwise the target clientele would not like it. Mercedes currently only offers the Maybach configuration for its sedans for the S-Class: the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 4Matic is available for 164,565 euros and the Mercedes-Maybach S 680 4Matic for 217,324 euros. For example, if you now have a Mercedes E 200 d sedan for 50,069 euros, you have to stay out of the Maybach Club: the most expensive version of the E-Class sedan is the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic+ for 126,806 euros – there is a Maybach version it not. The Chinese manufacturer Carbest is changing that with a Maybach conversion kit specially tailored to the E-Class. Carbest offers the conversion parts for the front and rear on the Chinese sales platform Alibaba.

Without a star

But of the two most important parts of the front conversion kit, only the distinctive grille is present - the Chinese did not imitate the Mercedes star that stands upright on the real Maybach models. They also don't have the prominent Maybach logo for the C-pillars in their range. For the rear there is again a very coherent panel, which also includes the two tailpipes. The Chinese save the thick Maybach lettering on the left side of the trunk lid. The Carbest photos show rims that are similar to those in the Maybach wheel range. The two-tone paint is also reminiscent of the Maybach style. However, the buyer must provide the right wheels and the right paintwork or foiling himself - they are not part of the conversion kit.

No Maybach luxury interior

Maybach customers certainly don't just buy a Maybach because of its exterior - inside, the luxury must continue to flourish unchecked. Even the E-Class upgraded to bling with the China kit cannot keep up – Carbest has nothing in store for an upgrade to a Maybach interior.

Sale in a bundle of 5

There is currently hardly a cheaper way to get a kind of Maybach look - the set costs in the "Hot Sale" as "Car Body Kit For E-class W213 2016-2018 upgrade to Maybach " per copy, depending on the purchase quantity, 1,100 to 1,200 dollars (currently the equivalent of around 949 to 1,035 euros). And Carbest seems to have commercial customers in mind: The minimum purchase quantity is five sets.


A Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the top version of a luxury car and the Mercedes E-Class is an upper middle class vehicle. These two vehicle worlds are visually clear and blatantly separate from each other in terms of equipment. But apparently there are customers who don't have the money for an E-Class, but still don't want to do without the bling-bling effect of a Maybach S-Class. For these customers, the Chinese manufacturer Carbest offers a slightly bizarre conversion kit.

The kit skilfully trims the front and rear of the E-Class into a kind of Maybach look. However, the upright Mercedes star, logos, lettering, Maybach rims, the two-tone paintwork and the Maybach interior are missing. The customer can certainly get the wheels and paintwork elsewhere – but then the car is still significantly smaller than a real Maybach. So anyone who carries out such an E-Class Maybach transformation can only mean it in a funny way or somehow self-deprecatingly - the price for a conversion set without assembly of around 1,000 euros is then quite high.


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