Mansory Audi RS 7 Sportback:

For the first time Mansory brings a tuning kit for the Audi RS 7 Sportback (C8). This brings an extra 170 hp and is not that bulky on the exterior - which is actually different from the company from the Upper Palatinate. Inside, on the other hand, Mansory remains true to its customs.

Whoever hears Mansory, imagines mostly extroverted bodywork attachments with all sorts of carbon frills and wild color schemes buzzing through their heads. For many, the vehicle refiner sometimes overshoots the mark when it comes to optics. Quite different in the case of the RS 7 Sportback, which the tuning company is adding to its portfolio for the first time. The package appears surprisingly subtle - at least as far as the exterior is concerned.

Don't be too fond of looks

Don't worry: the tuned RS 7 is always aggressive enough just around the corner. Because Mansory doesn't work entirely without carbon. Front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and one or the other fin on the body - there are quite a few carbon fiber elements flashing at you. This also applies to the small spoiler on the tailgate of the RS 7. And Mansory has also thought of individual splashes of colour. Although they are limited to small light blue accents on the body kit, mirrors and wheels, they provide a contrast to the gray paintwork of the sharpened sports sedan. Lowering and an XXL wheel set complete the package.

Angular tailpipes and more engine power

What might annoy many Audi fans: Mansory is replacing the two oval exhaust tailpipes of the standard RS model with a pentagonal double-pipe trim on each side.

Mansory is also upgrading the four-liter V8 engine so that the angular organ is properly played with. The tuner modifies the double turbocharger so that the unit produces 770 hp. That's 170 hp more than the production version of the Audi RS 7 Sportback. According to Mansory, the torque increases from 800 to 1000 Newton meters. The tuning company specifies the standard sprint with a smooth three seconds.

Blue cast in the interior

And the interior? Well, it's light blue. Pretty even. Okay, with a bit of black and a pinch of white. But in contrast to the subtle coloring on the exterior, Mansory has made the whole thing more opulent here. Seats, armrests, grab handles, gear selector lever, steering wheel elements, leather dashboard trim – everything is light blue, no matter where you look. And even if the few photos that Mansory has cut out don't reveal everything: At the edge of the picture, the approaches to the A-pillar suggest that even the headliner could be covered with blue Alcantara. Good to see on the other hand: Mansory has even covered the floor of the RS 7 Sportback with leather. At least not in blue.


With the modified Audi RS 7 Sportback, Mansory unveils an interesting project. Mainly because the tuning company once again makes it clear: it can also be a little more subtle. But design is and remains a matter of taste anyway. And that also applies to the piercing light blue interior, which at least matches the color accents of the body. Less can be argued about the performance increase. 170 hp extra are an announcement.


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