Lincoln EV (2021): Electric model based on Ford Mach E

Lincoln EV (2021)
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I In contrast to the Ford Mach E, which bears the genes of the Ford Mustang, the Lincoln is supposed to carry an elegant line under the sign of its brand identity. For this purpose, the electric platform grants greater creative freedom than is possible with platforms with conventional drives.

10 billion euros for electrification

Ford has this for its electric car program new internal team 'Edison' founded and in the future will transfer a third of its drive investments to e-mobility. Ford wants to invest more than 10 billion euros in the electrification of its models by 2020 - regardless of the cooperation with Volkswagen in this area. Lincoln currently only has the new Aviator as a plug-in model in its range, all other models are not electrified. The Lincoln announcement comes shortly after competitor Cadillac from the GM group has communicated an electric model.

The new Ford Mach E will be launched on the market with all-wheel drive and a range of up to 500 kilometers in 2020. A price of under 50,000 US dollars (equivalent to 44,000 euros) is rumored.


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