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Jaguar XJ 3.0 Diesel in the driving report: modern traditional sedan

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Jaguar XJ 3.0 Diesel in the driving report
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No more Barbour jackets, cream tea and landlord behavior: Jaguar has aired, and the Victorian mustache is withdrawn. The new Jaguar XJ looks really different for the first time. Because so far the large sedans were little more than recurring facelifts of the Series 1 model from 1968. Generation eight now takes the stringent lines of the J aguar XF and develops it to an even higher presence.

Especially in the interior, the previous XJ lagged behind

Monument preservers will howl after the classic look, lament the ultimate demise of the Empire or at least that of the brand tradition. But the good old days have long been abandoned by the modern: The previous Jaguar XJ stuck in the past century. Anyone who opens the door to the new, on the other hand, feels the cool breath of the modern age - and feels transported into the metropolitan world of subtle luxury and contemporary exquisite taste. Without the nouveau riche fancy dress or boastful waving of bundles of money.

The fund exerts a magnetic force of attraction

The unforgettable first impression is shaped by wide leather surfaces with a chrome border Piano lacquer shimmer as well as a wooden band running under the window frame, which is reminiscent of the cockpit of a Riva boat. Everything seems to be from a single source, blends seamlessly into one another, nothing looks playful or fake, nothing that requires effects irritates the eye. Here a brand rests in itself, appears in the awareness that luxury is part of its own history and not having to prove it with ostensible pomp.

As with all five-meter sedans, the rear has one magnetic attraction. Those who give in to it slide into perfectly shaped seats, loll around and wonder if they have been better accommodated in a car of this class. Before drowsy cosiness spreads, a glance ahead registers state-of-the-art technology: Round instruments are displayed virtually on a multifunctional 12.3 inch TFT monitor, and the standard oneThe navigation system displays its maps on a touch-sensitive screen (eight inches) in the center console.

You sit like in a luxury monocoque

The few control elements group clearly structured around the driver's seat, the workplace looks airy, nothing restricts the view. An inviting, bright ambience, illuminated by the light falling through the standard sliding glass roof. That makes you want to change perspective: we slip behind the steering wheel and, despite the spaciousness of the look, register the intimacy of earlier models - you sit like in a luxury monocoque.

After pressing the start button, the control dial for the automatic control from the center console moves expectantly - as a silent request to insert D for Drive. The Jaguar XJ rolls up with high-class emphasis, paddles with powerful pulls towards the torque shaft and lets it flush far out. Playful, smooth and effortless.

ECE consumption of seven liters per 100 kilometers

The three-liter V6 is well behaved, never gets cheeky. Only multi-cylindrical sub-bass murmurs penetrate up to around 3,000 rpm. Only then do the scratchy frequencies of audiophile ears reveal the diesel engine. Still: It is one of the best encapsulated diesel engines. And with an ECE consumption of seven liters per 100 kilometers a very economical one. Thanks to the aluminum construction, the 600 Nm only need to push around 1,800 kilograms. What feels like gentle emphasis means in numbers: 0 to 100 km /h in 6.4 seconds, 250 km /h top. The standard adaptive damper system called CATS, which is intended to remind you of the smooth step of a cat and provides excellent road contact, is also fully dynamic. The elongated luxury liner is apparently compact and keeps lively consultation with the driver, which promotes confidence in driving behavior.

The XJ is delivered at prices from 76,900 euros

The Jaguar XJ turns lightly, well balanced. But for this flexibility you have to sacrifice something - high suspension comfort. The developers have tended to be too tight, even in comfort mode. Especially with the optional 20-inch rims, constant restlessness accompanies slow driving when it comes to bad roads - despite air suspension on the rear axle.

When the Jaguar XJ is delivered from May in Germany at prices from 76,900 euros, buyers can expect a sports sedan like the Maserati Quattroporte . Admittedly luxuriously equipped: with rear parking aid, rain sensor, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, leather upholstery, CD radio with hard disk andNavigation system, automatic air conditioning and sport mode for transmission and engine control. Jaguar also gives a three-year guarantee with no mileage limit.

A hybrid version is not planned for the time being

A hybrid version or at least one One looks in vain for the start-stop function in the offer. Jaguar is offering them the earliest possible model update. Until then, another option is recommended: the airy-sounding Bowers and Wilkins system. Their 1,200 watts even push when the two turbochargers run out of air.


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