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Infiniti M in the driving report: competition for BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 & amp; Co.

Infiniti M in the driving report
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Infiniti? Not only stands for infinity, but also gives the name to the luxury brand of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. Because in the USA - unlike in Japan - premium models from a mass manufacturer had little chance of success, in 1989 I nfiniti founded. Since 2009, this brand has been trying to gain a foothold in Europe with a lean organization.

Three Infiniti dealers in Germany

In Germany, there are so far three Infiniti dealers who merged in 2010 will sell about 400 cars. Five more car dealerships are to be added in the next few years. The current Infiniti range consists of the G series with sedan, coupé and convertible, which compete with the BMW 3 Series, as well as the SUV types EX and FX.

Infiniti M is identical to Nissan Fuga

All models are technically and formally largely identical to Nissan products, some of which are only sold in Japan and the USA. A new addition to the EU portfolio is the Infiniti M, identical to the Nissan Fuga, which competes as a 4.95 meter long sports sedan against the BMW 5 Series and the like. The M37 with a 3.7 liter V6 petrol engine (320 hp) is supported by the M30 d with a 238 hp three-liter V6 diesel specially developed for Europe.

This was developed in collaboration with Group parent Renault and does a very good job. 550 Newton meters of torque ensure powerful thrust throughout the entire range, which thanks to the good revving power is often used up to 5,000 tours. The fact that the quiet and cultivated V6 does not hang on the gas very spontaneously is due to the seven-speed automatic shifting backwards a bit hesitantly when performance is required, but quickly and smoothly upshifting.

Infiniti M30 d is not a bargain

A change to the sportiest of the four driving programs brings only a slight improvement. His temperament is a pleasure: The Infiniti M30 d, which complies with Euro 5 regulations, accelerates to 100 km /h in 6.9 seconds, electronically regulates from 250 km /h and consumes a moderate 7.5 liters /100 km according to the ECE standard . Thanks to direct steering, the rear-wheel drive car impresses with its easy handling. The Infiniti M circles curves slightly understeering, whereby the ESP prevents brisk actions early.

Its suspension is notPremium - the Infiniti M wooden, it also rolls loudly. Noble, however, the somewhat narrow interior in the rear: fine leather for comfortable seats, applications made of aluminum and wood, simple operation, good workmanship, but an unsatisfactory navigation system and annoying beeps from the many assistance systems. At 51,250 euros, the richly equipped Infiniti M30 d is not a bargain, but an appealing alternative for individualists.


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