G-Power BMW M850i: More powerful and cheaper than an M8

If you want M8 power in your 8-series BMW but are not willing to pay M tariffs for it, G-Power will serve you precisely.

The BMW M8 Competition marks the top of the 8-series model family in the BMW range with its 625 hp and a price of 175,200 euros. The M850i ​​xDrive only offers 530 hp, but with a price of 132,000 euros it remains a whopping 43,200 euros below the real M model. There is plenty of room for tuning measures.

Up to 670 hp are in it

Tuner G-Power from Aichach offers a newly programmed motor control for the M850i ​​for performance-hungry people, which brings its 4.4-liter V8 biturbo engine to 620 hp and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. This means that the smaller 8 Series is only five hp below the performance level of the M8, and in terms of torque it even exceeds the M8 by 100 Nm. But the real hammer comes with the price. The new engine control costs 2,495 euros, with vehicles produced after June 2020 having to unlock the ECU for a further 1,785 euros.

If you also want to outperform the M8 in terms of performance, you can use the GP-670 software version, which costs 3,495 euros, in conjunction with a new manifold system (5,360 euros) and a new rear silencer (3,927 euros). This package increases the power of the V8 to 670 hp and the maximum torque climbs to 900 Nm. In both cases, the maximum achievable top speed can optionally be increased for a surcharge of 495 euros. ,

Carbon for the look

G-Power helps the look of the M850i ​​with a new carbon bonnet (5,950 euros) with ventilation openings and a new carbon rear spoiler (3,332 euros) that is only available for the two-door coupe . The wheel arches are equipped with G-Power from the in-house range of rims. The Hurricane RR and Hurricane RS wheels are available in 21-inch format with 255/30 and 295/25 tires. Alternatively, the RR rim can also be fitted with a 20-inch diameter and tires in sizes 245/35 and 275/30. When it comes to the finish, the customer can choose between different variants. The prices for the special wheels start at 1,428 euros – per piece and without tyres. ,


Between the M8 Competition and the M850i, there are more than 43,000 euros in the BMW price list. Enough free capital to have your M850i ​​raised by Tuner G-Power to a power level that is far above that of the M8 and yet remains priced below the top series model.


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