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Erlkönig BMW 7 Series caught: luxury liner makes its debut at the IAA in 2015

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönig BMW 7 Series caught with less camouflage
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E a first look at the next generation of the BMW will already be giving 7ers at the Shanghai Motorshow in April. The latest Erlkönig pictures show that the new BMW 7 Series is gradually losing its camouflage. The plastic elements to conceal the body shape have disappeared under the camouflage film, the series headlights and lights can be seen. So BMW shows itself with a dynamic and grim front. At the rear, the spoiler lip of the boot lid can be seen, as well as the new recumbent lights with raised turn signals.

In order to survive the eternal competition for the top model in the luxury class, the upcoming BMW 7 Series should offer the finest technology in all areas . The new BMW 7 Series will celebrate its premiere at the IAA 2015, and will soon be available in stores as the 2016 Series. The new generation is not smaller than the current model, but flatter and wider and should look less bulky. But Bayern also want to slim down when it comes to actual weight. A material mix of aluminum, magnesium and steel as well as the strong use of carbon fiber laminate - among other things on the hoods and the roof - should reduce the weight by 200 kilograms.

BMW 7 Series will be further optimized in terms of consumption

The lines of the new BMW 7 Series will be based on the design line introduced with the new 3 Series. The new BMW 7 Series, which runs under the internal development code G11, should also set new standards in its segment in terms of consumption. To this end, the Efficient Dynamics kit is being expanded to include thermo-electrical components (power generation from exhaust heat). In addition, the engines are to be trimmed for even more efficiency. A turbocharged four-cylinder with a displacement of 2 liters will function as the base engine. Otherwise, recharged six- and eight-cylinder units with 3.0 liters and 4.0 liters respectively should find their way under the bonnet of the 7 Series. For reasons of prestige, the top engine is again a 6.0-liter V12, which will also find its way into Rolls-Royce models in the future. Shifting is to be carried out as standard with a nine-speed automatic from ZF.

In addition, the new 7 Series will again be offered with two wheelbases and optional all-wheel drive. Another XXL version is also being considered in order to be able to stand up to the Maybach S-Class. Furthermore, an M Performance variant can be used as aCompetition to the AMG versions from Mercedes and the S8 from Audi are expected in this model generation. But also in terms of connectivity and assistance systems, the new 7 Series should become the top offer in the segment. With the 7 Series study in Beijing, BMW is already giving an outlook on the new cockpit philosophy: Voice control will play a very important role in the next generation of the luxury sedan in a further developed form. The voice control takes on numerous functions, so that the importance of the rotary pushbutton iDrive as a central operating unit is diminishing. The current cockpit is still installed in the front of the prototype, but the i-Drive display is now upright and not integrated into the dashboard. The three-spoke steering wheel has a small baffle and - at least in the M version - an aluminum clasp. Overall, the Erlkönig dashboard has very little to do with the cockpit of the study.


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