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Driving report Mercedes-Maybach S600: Short or very long

Driving report Mercedes-Maybach S600
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E your own brand? No, that was once upon a time. Now Maybach operates only as a sub-brand of Mercedes, is written with a hyphen and the S600 is the first model. Its characteristic: 20 centimeters more wheelbase. And silence.

In principle, the Maybach hoopla can be broken down into a simple optional extra. Compared to a Mercedes S600 with a long wheelbase, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 costs around 22,700 euros more, for a total of exactly 187,841.50 euros. In return, the buyer of course receives more than a lifelong supply of Maybach logos and emblems, namely a further 20 centimeters more wheelbase, which now extends to 3.37 meters. That is practically the same as the predecessor Maybach 57, but still 24 centimeters less than the autonomous F 015 Luxury. Although the Maybach is 16 centimeters longer than the long version of the S-Class, the rear doors are 66 millimeters shorter. Characteristic: The small additional window in the C-pillar, which can be darkened with an equally small electric blind.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 is super-tight and super-quiet

But simply the Mercedes S- Lengthening the class was not enough for the developers, because the (shared) driving experience in the Maybach should be one thing above all: quiet. So the top model receives specially designed seals and, thanks to fine-tuning in the climatic wind tunnel, the doors should only be sucked out of the same minimally in the event of cross winds or overtaking maneuvers past trucks. There's also textile wheel arch and underbody panels. So it's more than just a simple option in the surcharge list. Our assumption: A large part of the noise is lost in the extra fluffy carpets, which look a bit like polar bear fur. In any case, there is really silence in the rear, even when the 530 hp V12 is working at full load and hits the drive shafts with its maximum torque of 830 Nm.

Rest gently in the executive seat

The backrest of the executive seats standard in the Maybach can be moved back up to 43.5 degrees, the head rests on extra-soft cushions, the legrest is turned around a heel support added to the front seat. Good night. The ABC chassis with Magic Body Control scans and cushions long bumps beyond recognition, although not always, then the amplitudes just have to befizzle out in the stately and really very comfortable seats. Too calm? Then simply turn up the Burmester system with a total output of 1,540 watts, but it costs 6,307 euros extra and is also available for the ordinary S600. In general, the Maybach has hardly anything exclusively reserved for it, the panorama roof that can be darkened at the push of a button and perhaps the champagne flutes - Mercedes only supplies both for an extra charge.

Maybach S600: luxurious, spacious, but not very independent

Sure, with the Maybach, the most comfortable luxury sedan in its class now has a variant with even more space, a real chauffeur sedan, but not one especially independent. It should make a name for itself in high society as an equally (if not even more) talented, but cheaper alternative to Rolls Royce and Bentley. It is quite possible that some customers appreciate this understatement. You could also order the new model as a V8 variant (later even with all-wheel drive), because with 455 hp and 700 Nm it is also not a lazy dog. But too modest? The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman will be shown in the first half of this year - it will be even longer and more elegant.


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