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Driving report Bentley Continental GTC: British luxury convertible without limits

Driving report Bentley Continental GTC
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F five meters - or is it a little more? Anyone who stands face to face with the Bentley Continental GTC with its cap down for the first time or sees the all-wheel drive convertible glide by would undoubtedly assume that it is a good measure.

The visual impression of the Bentley Continental GTC is deceptive

This may be due to the maximum size of the neat light alloy wheels, which has grown from 20 to 21 inches, or the significantly sharper side line with the distinctive light edges above the front and rear wheel arches compared to the previous model. Either way, the visual impression is deceptive: In fact, the Bentley Continental GTC is still a long way off from such gigantic dimensions. The room for four, which is furnished with the finest leather and elegant wood inlays as well as selective chrome highlights, is in reality 'only' 4.81 meters long and within a wheelbase of 2.75 meters. It was no different with the predecessor. The increase in width of just under three centimeters also goes through as a side note.

The track, which has moved outwards by a good two centimeters at the front and almost five centimeters at the back, leaves a lasting impression - both in terms of the stoutness the appearance as well as the driving behavior. The 275/35 ZR 21 rubbers on the test car now support themselves a bit better, which gives the neat, fast, but also quite heavy load of 2,495 kilograms extra stability thanks to the biturbo V12, which has been boosted to 575 hp. The Bentley Continental GTC, which is available in Germany in time for Christmas and from 202,000 euros, is easily unsettled.

Fine-tuning the chassis brings improvements

Accordingly, the slight trembling of the steering wheel on bad road surfaces, which can be recorded in the previous model with a maximum of 20 inch shoes, is a thing of the past. A fact that is not least due to the fine-tuning of the adaptive chassis (CDC for Continuous Damping Control) offering four different setup programs.

The ride comfort at low speeds has noticeably improved. Those who are not overly delicate and prefer the dynamic pace even in a luxury convertible will rarely be on the move in the comfort or normal programhis. Even in the sportiest setting, the Bentley Continental GTC never forgets what it owes to its ancestry.

There are almost no wishes left unfulfilled

From this point of view, it is almost pointless to mention that the seating comfort and ergonomics in the Bentley Continental GTC are beyond reproach, and that the Bentley motto 'Luxury without Limits' is now also part of the headrests of the Contains stripped-down stalls integrated warm air system, known elsewhere as Airscarf. 17 soft leather colors, seven different wood decors, seat belts and belt sensors integrated into the body, as well as torsional stiffness that is second to none in this class. The 'little' Bentley convertible doesn't leave much to be desired.

Maybe one more: If the ambitious project of a supersports model that has been reduced in weight by an impressive 200 kilos becomes a reality, it will also be available as a GTC.


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