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Driving report Audi Prologue: On the road with the Audi future

Audi Prologue driving report
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The A udi Prologue is the tinny start of a new era that is visually rigid The mark with the four rings should end. Now it is ready for the critics on the roadside.

The future already begins in the cockpit: the entire front of the instrument panel consists of a single large touch display. There is another screen in the center console that can be used to make the most important basic settings. The lower foldable screen with touch function will also be used in series production.

V8 biturbo with new turbochargers

Practical: The software called 'Butler' recognizes the driver on boarding using his smartphone and automatically adjusts the seats and air conditioning according to his preferences. The three-dimensional display for the driver's central instruments is also no show-car frills The 3-D effect is created by mirrors that reflect a display. Everything can be mass-produced. The drive of the Prologue is still traditional. The 4.0 TFSI known from the RS6 and RS7 was given larger turbochargers and thus developed up to 605 hp in the coupé study 750 Nm torque.

Otherwise, the technology of the current A8 is under the Prologue - except for the new all-wheel steering - with a length of 5.10 meters, 1.95 meters wide and 1.39 meters high Meter he follows the trend towards flatter, beefier cars Prologue is also slightly shorter than the current flagship A8, the future design of which it is intended to suggest.

Audi Prologue inspires the audience

What's new? The single-frame radiator grille was made much wider and flatter. It also places it lower than usual at Audi. The flared shoulders are striking. Mighty 22-inch wheels crouch in the wheel arches. The new long tail light extends over the entire width of the rear and is to be implemented approximately in series production. High-tech light in the front too: the flat headlights placed above the grill are equipped with new matrix laser technology.

On our little jaunt through Beverly Hills, people pull out their smartphones and snap and film whatever Stuff lasts. 'Hey man, what a cool car is that', a biker on the corner of Wilshire and chatting to usSanta Monica Boulevard. It seems as if Audi designer Lichte and his team did a lot right.

You can read even more driving impressions from the Audi Prologue in the new issue of auto motor und sport , Issue 25/2014, in stores from November 27th.


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