Comparison of the Mercedes E 400: E-Coupé or E-Cabrio

Hans-Dieter Seufert
A comparison of body concepts: Mercedes E 400
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B e two Mercedes are different Variants are clear in some points: the E 400 convertible weighs 144 kilos more than the coupé and is already approaching the 1.9-tonne mark when empty. Despite the weighty struts, the open E-Class does not make quite as stiff an impression as the convertibles from BMW and Audi. A tremor could be felt on bad stretches, which carried over to the steering. In addition, creaking noises from the direction of the window frame mixed into the sound.

Mercedes E 400 Cabrio with effectively insulated convertible top

In absolute terms, however, the E-Class convertible still looks solid and impresses with its effectively insulated Soft top: even at high speeds, the interior noises hardly differ from those of the coupé. The soft top with a large rear window and narrow rear side areas also gives the Mercedes a good overview. Almost equal in terms of suspension comfort. Both E-Classes defuse short and long waves with impressive ease. The fact that the relaxed convertible, which is also superbly motorized with the 333-hp V6, does not turn in quite as jaggedly and throws the ESP anchor earlier in fast bends, will hardly be upset by its drivers.

The open-air However, the E-Class not only inspires its driver: The rear seat is only slightly narrower than in the Coupé, whose tin roof even has to admit defeat in the rear headroom. After all, the rear side windows can also be lowered in the coupé, which together with the missing B-pillars enables a more intensive fresh air supply than in the coupés of the competition. In addition, a larger opening makes it easier to load the 60-liter luggage compartment. 390 liters volume plus through-loading also help convert the convertible into first-vehicle suitability.

Value-stable luxury glider

And that should be more Get a surcharge of around 4,500 euros for resale: three-year-old convertibles with the predecessor V6 (E 350) are around 5,000 euros more than the coupé. Depending on how long it is held, the open-top E-Class pays extra for resale and also impresses with plenty of space for passengers and luggage. In addition, there is hardly a more comfortable four-seater convertible to be found. However, the body of the lighter and more agile coupé appears noticeably stiffer.


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