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Citroën C6 in the test: HDi 240 is the most powerful sedan with V6 and biturbo

Stephan Lindloff
Citroën C6 V6 HDi 240 Biturbo in the test
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V on because of Grande Nation: For large Cars are the French pretty small. The upper class of local manufacturers is bobbing around even in their own country, and more than four cylinders or 200 hp under the hood are almost frivolous there.

The V6 in the Citroën C6 is the most powerful engine in Citroën history

No wonder that the new three-liter V6 diesel is in the Citroën C6 with an unspectacular 241 hp and 450 Nm has already advanced to become the most powerful series engine in Citroën's 90-year history. The 4.91-meter-long, 1.9-tonne Citroën C6 but not a bit - on the contrary: Together with Jaguar and country Rover developed aluminum engine puts its power entirely at the service of nerve-friendly locomotion. Unlike the British, who in return get more power and torque, the maximum is here even at 1,600 rpm and remains at the same high level up to 3,600 tours. The best prerequisites for a harmonious connection with the cultivated, relaxed Citroën C6, which renounces any hectic rush.

The Citroën C6 offers a unique comfort experience

A start-up weakness like the earlier 2.7-liter HDi can be found in the Citroën C6 V6 HDi 240 no longer, and the faint hum of the double-charged six-cylinder after a cold start or in the City disappears with increasing pace. The inconspicuous but somewhat sluggishly shifting six-speed automatic with the appropriate gear ratio always ensures that the thrust does not break and the occupants glide along on a wave of torque. This is exactly what the hydropneumatic suspension does, which gently sways over earthly coarseness, especially on long stretches of the motorway. Short transverse joints or manhole covers bring them back down to earth,but the comfort experience remains unique - also thanks to the comfortable seats and the low noise level.

The Citroën C6 has many extras as standard on board

In addition, the pronounced understeer, the insensitive steering and the large turning circle hardly matter. At least less than the modest trunk and the sometimes complicated operation with buttons on the center console that are far too small. Citroën is otherwise very generous with its top model and usually gives it expensive extras such as bi-xenon headlights, a navigation system, 18-inch alloy wheels and electrically adjustable leather seats as standard.

Only special fuel-saving technology is missing, and so the Citroën C6 3.0 HDi less than its predecessor, but a little more than Jaguar XF 3.0 D (9.5) or Mercedes E 350 CDI (9.2). Sometimes even a Grande Nation needs a Grande Ration.


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