Cadillac Celestiq: Super-exclusive electric sedan

Cadillac Celestiq
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D he new platform from GM is modular and allows different battery packs from 50 to 200 kWh. An electric motor is located on the front axle (180 kW) and one on the rear axle (250 kW). The range should be around 400 miles (the equivalent of 644 kilometers). The batteries have 400-volt technology and 200 kW fast-charging technology.

The four-seater, which is conceptually based on the Porsche Panamera, will cost a very high six-figure amount, is currently still in the concept car stage and is in line with the legendary studies Ciel, Elmirai and Sixteen.

Wider, flatter and longer than the Lyriq

The front design of the model is based on the crossover SUV Lyriq but much wider, flatter and longer. A huge sun canopy extends from the windshield to the rear. In the interior, the brand's new flagship should have a screen across the entire width of the vehicle - similar to that of Byton. The Celestiq is characterized by high-quality materials and a comfortable and spacious interior.

A first glimpse of the study could have been given some time ago in a promotional video from GM. In addition to various networking chichi and history pictures, the interior of an unknown model can also be seen here. It shows an almost square steering wheel, a wide dashboard screen and a spacious interior with individual seats. The video is intended to show an outlook on mobility in 2039 - this year GM is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Futurama exhibition at the World Expo 1939 - at that time the car manufacturer wanted to show the world in 20 years.


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