Bugatti future: no SUV, no sedan, but electric

Second Bugatti series as an electric model
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' The automotive industry is changing fundamentally and we have to deal with the possibilities of further developing Bugatti as a brand, 'Winkelmann told der Bloomberg news agency and admits that it is an “uphill battle” to raise funds from Volkswagen for such a niche project.

Second Bugatti costs between 500,000 and 1 million euros

Because parts and to exchange technologies within the VW Group, such as that made possible by the modular construction kits in large-scale series n, is only possible to a limited extent at Bugatti. Therefore, the first Veyron built under the aegis of VW was also considered a money destroyer. Bugatti now earns “good money” and, in addition to technical feats, also has to develop a business case.

And this business model provides a second electric model that transports progress and innovation rather than being purely pollutant-free. But what could such a model look like that could be offered below the Chiron between 500,000 and a million euros? An SUV? A limousine?

'There will be no SUV', Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann wipes away all speculation that the French brand, like numerous other sports car manufacturers, will build an SUV model. As an explanation in his brand outlook for 2019, he adds that an SUV does not fit the brand or its history.

Bugatti is ready for a second model

In an interview with Focus he explains, “I think Bugatti is ready for a second model and this should be a vehicle that will bring something really new to the company, not just another hyper sports car like the Chiron. Another body shape… “You have an idea for a body style that doesn't exist on today's market, says Winkelmann. 'If we get the green light from the board of our group to continue with the second model, we will pursue this direction.' It will then be a completely new development.

So a sedan in the style of the Galibier? Just a few months ago, Winkelmann thought a limousine was “very credible”. He knew a lot of people would like it, he told British media. Now he answered much more cautiously. The segment is no longer as attractive as it was ten years ago. In addition, long wheelbases must be offered for the American and Chinese markets - but shorter wheelbases for Europe. This isvery complex and expensive in terms of construction. “And a long wheelbase generally makes a car less sexy than a shorter one, which is why I would also rule out a sedan.” And what then? Winkelmann strives for the brand's tradition and is reminiscent of Ettore Bugatti, who used body shapes in his day that were otherwise not on the market. He explicitly names the 35B, the Royale and the Atlantic.

Off for the W16?

The W16 in the Bugatti Chiron Sport.

A few months ago, Winkelmann saw more than just one model of his brand in the future, but also outlined the end of the W16 engine. “Sooner or later, legislation will force everyone to take radical steps,” the Bugatti boss said earlier. And one of these steps will be that there is no future for the monster engine introduced in the Veyron in 2005. “There won't be a new 16-cylinder, this will be the last of its kind. It's an incredible engine and we know there's a lot of enthusiasm for it. Everyone wants to have it forever, to develop it. We will do our best to keep him alive. But if you want to be up to date with advanced technology, it is important to find the right time to make a change, ”explains Winkelmann.

However, the electrification of the drive train must be able to keep up with the performance of the W16. 'If the weight of the batteries drops dramatically, as is the case now, and you can reduce emissions to an acceptable level, then hybridization is a good thing,' he says. “But it has to be a credible solution for the people who buy Bugattis.” He doesn't see a hybrid drive for the second Bugatti model. “When we get the second model, we should switch to electric propulsion. I think that a BEV (battery electric vehicle) is a better solution than a hybrid drive system. ”The obvious assumption here is the extended platform of the Porsche Taycan from the VW group, which Bugatti also belongs to. “A Bugatti that may be less geared towards the performance of a hyper sports car can certainly use an all-electric powertrain, as it could also be a Bugatti that customers usedrive every day. ”

Bugatti Galibier: Come on, don't come

Back in 2009, at the time under the direction of Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bugatti dared to look into the future and with the Galibier the study presented in a four-door luxury sedan. Allegedly there should have been the production release for the sedan, which will come onto the market in 2012 in an edition of up to 1,500 models and cost over one million euros. A hybrid version should be available in early 2012 to ensure “social acceptance”.

In an interview with auto motor und sport, Dürheimer said at the time that the hybrid Galiber had a purely electric range of 40 kilometers . His successor Wolfgang Schreiber collected the model. There has been a lot of discussion, many times, 'but this car will not come ... it would confuse our customers', he told the British magazine 'Top Gear' in 2014 and added: 'There will be no four-door Bugatti.'


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