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BMW M6 Coupé in the driving report: Real M-Coupé with rear-wheel drive

BMW M6 Coupé in the driving report
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A ’ it's hard to stand on one leg, ”he says Popular parlance and with this wisdom, which is commonly abused to justify the second or third glass at the evening regulars' table, apparently also from the soul of BMW M GmbH.
The sports branch, which is now based in Garching, comes from motorsport. And she always remained faithful to this in an exemplary manner - including great successes reflected in the corresponding sports models. But for decades there was only one direction on the road, which was: uncompromisingly sporty progress.

Sporty top models come from BMW M GmbH

With the new one started with a powerful diesel This is now set to change. With immediate effect, M GmbH is also responsible for the mother’s sporty top models, which differ from the original M models through a slightly different type diction and the fact that they were not completely redesigned and conceived. A typical representative of the new 'double is better' is shown here: the powerful and visually razor-sharp original, the 560 hp rear-wheel drive M6 Coupé.

The old BMW character trait - sometimes challenging at the limit and to be pretentious - is alien to the M6 ​​Coupé, which has been completely polished in spite of all lumbar strength. In the closed version, the “real M” appears a lot more sporty than the convertible. Opposite visits to the racetrack - this was ascertained during a first trip to the Ascari Race Resort - the biturbo V8-fired five-meter coupé is not averse.

BMW M6 with 560 biturbo hp

This is all the more true as the brilliant propulsion of the 4.4-liter propellant was in this case for the first time a worthy counterpart in the form of the ceramic brake system, available from 2013 for an extra charge. They are only available in conjunction with 20-inch wheels, because otherwise there would be no room for the mighty carbon fiber composite ceramic discs measuring 410 and 396 millimeters at the front and rear. The six-piston fixed callipers at the front and the single-piston floating callipers at the rear are painted gold in this case.

Unfortunately, when it comes to ABS tuning, not all that glitters on the BMW M6 is gold. If the pilot wants to trust the remaining safety of the M Dynamic Mode of the DSC, the anti-lock braking system punishesBraking maneuvers on the last groove, namely with sustained control interventions. As a result, the braking distance is longer than expected. Things only become more predictable without DSC.


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