BMW M550d xDrive in the test

BMW M550d xDrive in the test
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A motto and reality, theory and practice, promised standard and actual test consumption - every vehicle that is subjected to the test moves in this area of ​​tension. This also applies to the new BMW M550d xDrive.

First production model with three turbochargers

Alone: ​​the higher the articulated claim on the part of the manufacturer, the higher the expectations on the part of potential customers. And this puts the newcomer BMW M550d xDrive, which heralds a new era at M GmbH as the first performance car, under some pressure. Okay - strictly speaking, the world's first tri-turbo is already under one of these. Up to three bar above ambient pressure, the so-called combustion chamber has never been released before.

Two smaller, high-pressure turbochargers and a larger, low-pressure turbocharger, contrary to the misleading naming of the BMW M550d xDrive, supply the air not to be breathed by five, but only three liters in a row six. First a small, then from around 1,500 crankshaft rotations on the large charger. After a good 2,500 tours, the low-pressure charger is finally helped by the second small high-pressure charger by means of an open by-pass valve. That promises power in all situations.

BMW M550d xDrive weighs over two tons

In fact, on board the sedan, which weighs an impressive 2,036 kilograms on the vehicle scales due to the permanent all-wheel drive and a number of weighty extras at no time to complain about a lack of performance. Only in a direct comparison with the already driven and hardly less powerful power diesel from Alpina, the D5 Biturbo, does it become apparent that the BMW M550d xDrive is a little less linear. Below 2,000 tours the breeze blows noticeably less vehemently than above the limit, from which the all-wheel drive from Garching reaches its impressive top form.

This is also due to the fact that the BMW M550d xDrive achieves the sprinter qualities promised by the factory could not prove anything in the sport auto test as before with auto motor und sport : On the Hockenheimer straight line passed until the country road speed was reached It was 5.1 instead of the advised 4.7 seconds. FewerDue to the restrained operation of the eight-speed automatic, which does not have a launch mode, and the all-wheel drive that reliably prevents any slip, it is hardly credible. The triturbo diesel cracks the 200 km /h mark within 19.1 seconds. That fits and is impressive.

How much BMW M is there in the M550d?

The question, How much performance there is in the five-door hatch with this lettering on the engine cover is not yet answered - at least not according to the sport auto diction. After all, she understands the term performance to mean lateral rather than longitudinal dynamics. And to get to the bottom of it, you need not only the 180 meter long pylon lane of the slalom course, but also the 2.6 kilometer long small course in Hockenheim. This terrain doesn't always make life easy because of its tight corners. As a result, it is perfectly suited to clarifying the question of how much BMW M is actually in the M550d.

Although - that is explicitly stated at this point - the editorial-internal expectations in this regard for two reasons of all high- Despite the tech ingredients, they weren't set too high from the start. On the one hand, the BMW M550d xDrive appears more comfort than sport-emphasized and anything but light-footed in everyday life, on the other hand, the lap times of petrol-powered five-cylinder models with six and eight-cylinder engines have not really caught the eye. In addition, the powerful diesel competes with the xDrive all-wheel drive system, which is clearly a handicap in terms of weight.

More touring cars than racing cars

In fact, the impressive weight of well over two tons on the route cannot be concealed. It can be felt in every corner, puts a heavy strain on the steady but not really gripping floating caliper brake and the bottom line is that the BMW performance diesel is potent and absolutely safe to drive, but its character is clearly more for brisk long-distance stages on public roads Roads and not intended for short-term chasing times on the route. The Hockenheim lap time of 1.19.1 minutes achieved with the all-wheel drive and the average speed of 63.7 km /h determined in the slalom speak for themselves in this regard.

The illusion of the standard consumption promised by the factory for the BMW M550d xDrive of 6.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers should not be added either way. In the sport auto test, the high-tech diesel consumed an average of 12.8 liters of what is currently the cheapest fuel over the same distance. Theory and practice have never diverged further.


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