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BMW M550d xDrive in the driving report: The power of three hearts

Hans-Dieter Seufert
BMW M550d xDrive in the driving report
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F for those who have only been using diesel fuel so far If you have associated agricultural machinery or heavy-duty traffic and not with sporty driving, BMW M GmbH now has a powerful counter-argument in its range: the BMW M550d xDrive.

Most powerful six-cylinder diesel in the world

With a maximum engine output of 381 hp, the Bavarian man is not only the first M model with compression ignition, but also the most powerful six-cylinder diesel in the world. On top of that. In addition, the N57-S, the internal name of the in-line six-cylinder diesel with a displacement of three liters, is currently the only series vehicle to be ventilated by three turbochargers. With a maximum torque of 740 Newton meters between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm, the more powerful 5-series diesel even outshines its larger 560 hp brother, the BMW M5 (680 Nm between 1,500 and 5,750 rpm).

Despite its curb weight of almost two tons, the power diesel pushes brutally. The steam engine should dash over the 100 km /h mark from a standstill within 4.7 seconds. The end is only at an electronically limited 250 km /h. Anyone who selects the speed levels when accelerating in the manual mode of the eight-speed automatic using the steering wheel paddles turns quickly towards the rev limiter and beyond the 5,000-speed scale of the rev counter. The maximum engine speed is an impressive 5400 rpm for diesel conditions.

BMW M550d xDrive with three turbochargers

This is what diesel engine revving looks like to a previously unknown level. In order to achieve this, the engineers developed a special charging technique. From idling speed, a small and quickly responding high-pressure charger delivers pressure, before it receives support from a larger low-pressure charger from 1,500 revs. The third turbocharger is activated from an engine speed of around 2,700 rpm.

The BMW M550d power pack reaches its maximum output of 381 hp between 4,000 and 4,400 revolutions. 'Okay, but what about the sound?' Diesel critics will now ask. The answer is simple: The BMW M550d not only works fine, it also sounds pretty good for diesel conditions with its bassy, ​​humming sound. However, his singing is not really live - a bit of playback is involved: Depending on the driving situation, the sound is transmitted via the sound design via theAudio system specifically amplified and transported. A slight nailing is only audible when the vehicle is standing or, of course, when looking under the hood.

Power-Diesel is not an M5 competitor

The designation Diesel-M5, however, applies to the new BMW M550d xDrive not too. The previous top model should not attack the new five, which is available either as a sedan or, unlike the M5, also as a touring. In contrast to the BMW M5, power in the BMW M550d is not transmitted via a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, but via the eight-speed automatic transmission mentioned above. The DKG is not particularly missed in everyday life. The automatic change gears pleasantly crisp. M-friends are looking in vain for a launch control here.

At the first driving impression, the all-wheel-drive diesel engine presented itself on mainly damp terrain with very good traction. There is also the expected steering with precise feedback. More about how the new M diesel engine performs in a lateral dynamic comparison to another sporty 5 series diesel will soon be revealed in the sport auto test. Then, with the BMW Alpina D5 Biturbo, we will put another potent diesel to the test.


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