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BMW M550d x-Drive driving report: Out and about with the Trio Infernale

BMW M550d x-Drive in the driving report
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A for once it's not about politically correct downsizing , CO2 reduction or the abolition of the six-cylinder vacuum cleaner. At the presentation of the BMW M550d x-Drive, the conversation revolves around sheer power. Because with 381 hp, the most powerful series diesel in the three-liter class has that in abundance. Its 740 Nm even outstrip the top petrol engine M5, which is why the 1.9-ton propene catapults itself to 100 km /h in 4.7 seconds if necessary.

BMW M550d comes with standard all-wheel drive

The effort for the extra boost is huge. In order not to worsen the response of the basic engine from the BMW 535d, the M-Diesel was given three cleverly arranged turbochargers: from idle speed a small and light turbo supplies the combustion chambers with air, from 1,500 rpm a large compressor is added, the from 2,700 rpm again receives support from another charger. So that the tri-turbo is not blown up by its own elemental force, tie rods clamped between the cylinder head and the crankshaft bearings press the aluminum construction together.

Thanks to the standard all-wheel drive, the business jet has no trouble gaining power to bring the road. Even on wet slopes, the four-door pulls brusquely out of tight bends in order to allow fun rear swings thanks to the special M tuning of the x-drive. What is really in him, however, only shows on a free motorway, where he degrades the other road users to extras. It almost doesn't matter which of the eight gears of its soft yet jagged automatic is engaged. Finally, from 2,000 rpm, the full monster wave torque surges up. Those who like to look into the disbelieving faces of bravely opposing limousine drivers will get their money's worth in the BMW M550d x-Drive.

Power- Diesel already complies with the Euro 6 standard

And, unlike owners of high-percentage gasoline models, they don't even have to be persuaded to have a bad environmental conscience. After all, the over-diesel was bred to CO2 emissions of 165 grams /km and already meets Euro 6 today. Well, that's about political correctness again.


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