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BMW M5 vs Mercedes-AMG E 63 S: Duel in the power business class

Hans-Dieter Seufert
BMW M5 versus Mercedes-AMG E 63 S
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W o you may give that Not so fond of Mercedes-AMG these days, but actually BMW invented this type of car. The M535i of the E12 series, today a sought-after classic car, was probably the first of its kind to be built in significant numbers. This means mid-range sedans with super sports car drives. With the M535i, 218 hp from 3.5 liters of displacement were sufficient for this purpose, that was in 1980, and a Porsche 911 had 188 hp when it wasn't a turbo. Today the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S comes with 585 hp from a 5.5 liter V8 with double turbocharging. And it goes without saying that the sedan has all-wheel drive called 4Matic.

BMW M5 refined with Competition Package

So that the BMW M5 has similar performance data, it comes with the Competition Package, which except 15 additional horsepower, a 10 millimeter lower chassis, 20-inch wheels with mixed tires (265 /35-20 and 295 /30-20) and a sports exhaust system. This means that the price is almost the same: the BMW then costs at least 112,800 euros, and the Mercedes-AMG costs 119,060 euros. That's about six percent price difference, you don't have to discuss that in these spheres.

And if you think it is unfair that the Mercedes is allowed to drive all-wheel drive on the handling course, while the BMW is solely on its traction relies on both rear wheels, then let's take a look at the measured values: The M5 is a bit faster in each case, only when accelerating from a standstill it has little chance of course against the E 63 S 4Matic. In contrast to the M3 and C 63, the driver in the cockpit has the wrong impression here: the Mercedes feels faster. How he powers out of the corners, devours the short straights, with how much gas he snakes around the slalom pylons, all of this is apparently faster than in the BMW.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Although the BMW M5 is slightly ahead of the E 63 S AMG in terms of measured values, it feels like it Mercedes faster.

Mercedes-AMG E 63 S surprises with its handling talent

There the accelerator pedal needs to be operated more carefully, you have to turn the car more precisely, but it rewards that with a lot of precision and feedback as well as a little higher speed. Whether one attaches great importance to the difference in time is more a question of personality; And the driving pleasure is not necessarily directly proportional to differences in lap times and slalom average speeds. With which the E 63 S 4Matic brings us the second surprise.

How well he knows how to balance his almost two tons around the bends, how the four wheels portion the torque on the road (33 percent in front, 67 percent behind), while the wheel-selective braking interventions help when changing direction, that's a big Mercedes cinema. Actually, it is enough to switch to the sport handling mode of the three-stage ESP and to give full throttle, everything else is done by the car. Okay, you should steer a little more. Shifting can always be done for free, here too the Speedshift handles things very well itself, especially since it reacts somewhat delayed to manual interventions; that is not new either.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Engine, drive train and workmanship leave a confident impression in the Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

Better quality in the E 63

On the other hand, the BMW feels, well, let's put it, a bit aged, although it is faster. The engine doesn't have that much pressure, that's more noticeable than measurable, because up to 200 km /h the Mercedes only takes 0.3 seconds from it. The electronic driving aids of the BMW do not seem so present, although the M5 also turns with brake support and has a very finely acting DSC with dynamic mode. What else speaks for the Mercedes? The better onePosition in the very good sports seats and overall the more sophisticated quality. As cleanly as the materials are processed in the E-63 interior, how solid and unshakable the car feels on the course and afterwards on the autobahn - the BMW M5 is not quite as good at all of this. You can admit that too.


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