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BMW 750i x-Drive against Porsche Panamera 4S in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
BMW 750i x-Drive versus Porsche Panamera 4S in the test
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In childhood it was the monsters under the bed, today it is the monsters in the rearview mirror that scare the Porsche Panamera driver. When looking in the rearview mirror, the flat and curved rear window warps a Mercedes A-Class Headlights and grille to a grin like the Joker from the movie 'Batman'. A Fiat Multipla mutates into, well, Fiat M ultipla , and a new BMW 7 Series looks like Shrek, the cute mythical creature from the swamp.

BMW 750i x-Drive and Porsche Panamera are equal opponents

But in contrast to the other two car mutants, the Bavarian remains in the rearview mirror be liable. In the BMW 750i x-Drive variant, it proves to be an equal opponent for the Porsche Panamera 4S (the Porsche Panamera 4S in the driving report). The Munich-based company has recently been able to order the all-wheel drive familiar from the large X models. A transfer case with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch sits on the standard six-speed automatic transmission. On a straight road, 60 percent of the power flows to the rear axle when driving at a constant rate; in corners it is up to 80 percent. As long as it goes straight ahead, the passengers in the BMW of the way the drive train works.

Top seating comfort in the BMW 750i x-Drive

Only what goes under the bonnet provides a pleasant feeling of pressure in the stomach area, almost as if you were laying a bulging hot water bottle on your stomach - instead of hot water, the maximum torque of 600 Newton meters sloshes. This force of the BMW 750i x-Drive captivates the driver and front passenger in the comfortably upholstered, surcharge comfort seats. Its ample dimensions offer enough space even for the Bavarian Prime Minister, and the multiple adjustment options - including the angle of the backrest and variable side bolsters - are ideal for pilotsof all sizes at an optimal distance behind the steering wheel and pedals. But not only the seating comfort proves worthy in the test of a top model, each of the four levels of the standard adjustable chassis also cushions and cushions almost all uneven floors.

BMW 750i x-Drive with overly cautious belt tensioners

Only short waves knock quietly into the steering, which is partly due to the runflat -Mature goes. However, their high cross-section contributes to comfortable handling and provides an extra portion of comfort. Together with the suspension, which is gentle even in the Sport Plus level, the BMW 750i x-Drive pushes stubbornly understeer through corners in the test, not just on the racetrack. In wet alternating bends, it is also clear how variably the all-wheel drive distributes the drive force in the limit area. This manifests itself in a spontaneous change between understeer and oversteer, which is clear, but never critical, even when ESP is switched on. It almost leaves you breathless, but this is due to the somewhat overcautious - and unyielding - seat belt tensioners.

Porsche Panamera relies on driving dynamics

The belts in the Porsche Panamera, on the other hand, leave the passengers alone. Not only are they housed in narrow seating niches in the first row, you are also looking for racing four-point seat belts at the back. However, there is space for each of the four occupants, even in the cave-like rear. The Porsche Panamera crew shouldn't be too strong, because then they will protrude over the narrow sidecars of the tight sports seats. If you fit in, everyone will find enough lateral support to defy the cornering speeds possible in the Porsche Panamera (the Porsche Panamera in the top test). The test car was equipped with all accessories that help the 1.9-ton humpback whale achieve better driving dynamics, where the BMW 750i x-Drive places more emphasis on driver assistance systems.

Normally, the Porsche Panamera is rear-wheel-driven

Options such as ceramic brakes including 19-inch mixed tires and adaptive air suspension with roll stabilization and differential lock, however, drive up the basic price the equivalent of a basic Boxster. In contrast to the BMW 750i x-Drive, the all-wheel drive, whose multi-plate clutch is in the housing of the seven-speed dual clutch transmission, allows the individual axles to be loaded one hundred percent. Normally the Porsche Panamera drives with rear-wheel drive, in curves the front axle is included in the action as required. The driver remains unmolested in our test, he just has to set the direction with the very direct steering. If you let the four-door car out of the electronic cage, it pushes its thick end to the outer edge of the curve in a controllable manner. Accompanied by the hoarse, full sound of the suction motor, barely noticeably interrupted by theThe Porsche Panamera gets lightning-fast gear changes Subjectively, the racetrack to where he would like it to be.

BMW 750i x-Drive with more driving comfort

All the more astonished the occupants not only register the variable interior with foldable rear seats, but above all the decent suspension comfort with which the Porsche Panamera wants to underline its sedan-like character. Of course, there is still a certain amount of firmness, which, together with the excellent damping, means that the body quickly calms down again after driving over long waves. However, it does not come close to the BMW 750i x-Drive because it is too stiff and too noisy. In terms of drive comfort, the Porsche owner also has to make compromises, which is mainly due to the transmission. The illogical shift mimicry with manual gear selection - regardless of whether with the paddles or on the selector lever - bothers the test as well as the somewhat jerky gear changes in automatic mode and the inharmoniously working automatic start-stop.

BMW 7 Series wins

In the end, the Porsche Panamera has to make way for the harmonious BMW 7 Series mainly due to the lack of comfort - after all, both will Luxury limousines measured by their all-round properties. If it is primarily about dynamics, the Porsche Despite the sweeping body, the Panamera gives the BMW 750i x-Drive a real shock - completely undistorted.


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