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BMW 730i and 730Li: The 4-cylinder models are extremely successful.

One of the best-selling BMW 7 Series has four cylinders
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I n Germany, the online configurator gives BMW 7 Series customers the choice: they can have their sedan powered by a straight six, a V8 engine or a V12 unit. The four-cylinder variants 730i and 730Li cannot be selected - the same applies to most other European countries and the US market. Even the four-cylinder from the hybrid model 740e has now been replaced by a six-cylinder - which was accompanied by the renaming of the model to 745e.

BMW Abu Dhabi Motors
Leather, wood and elegant design: the 7 Series customer likes it classy with the interior, regardless of the engine.

Decent performance, low weight

As BimmerToday reports, BMW Abu Dhabi Motors is showing the new facelift model of the BMW 730i for the first time and its long version 730Li. The comparatively short turbocharged four-cylinder direct injection engine from the B48B20 engine series, as is available in Germany in the 630i GT, works under the long hood. The unit has an output of 258 hp and generates a maximum torque of 400 Newton meters at 1,550 to 4,400 rpm. This means that the 730i storms to 100 km /h in 6.2 seconds and the 730Li takes 6.3 seconds. The limitation of the maximum speed takes effect on both models at 250 km /h. The four-cylinder versions are helped by their lower weight - the base 730i weighs 1,755 kilograms, while the heaviest of the series weigh in at almost 2.3 tons.

China is the BMW 7 Series country

BMW does not restrict the equipment options in its four-cylinder models either: the customer can feast on the complete list of upper-class additional equipment.

44 percent of the 7 Series manufactured by BMW is taken up by the Chinese market alone, which is what it is is by far the most important for the 7 Series. Although BMW hasNo concrete figures have yet been published, but the four-cylinder variants are in greatest demand in China. As a result, the BMW 730i and 730Li are among the world's best-selling 7 Series models - if not the best-selling 7 Series.


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