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BMW 7 Series and Mercedes G configured: colorful like an Easter egg

BMW 7 Series and Mercedes G in the configurator
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D he desire for a new car is just as sure a sign of spring as the occurrence of colorful Easter eggs on supermarket shelves. Well, this attempt to link Easter eggs and cars was as transparent as fresh egg white. But seriously: Instead of getting silly and wondering what the Easter Bunny would be driving, we searched the configurators of the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes G for colors.

Individual yes, but in muted colors please

If you want, you can order your BMW 7 Series in the Ferrari color shade Rosso Corsa.

A BMW spokeswoman confirms that the BMW 7 Series in egg yolk yellow does not meet the real wishes of most customers: 'Overall, there is a clear trend towards muted tones.' But despite the trend towards dark blue, silver gray and black, there is demand for individual paintwork 'Different depending on the segment, but increasing in the upper and luxury class vehicles', explains BMW. In the 7 series, the proportion of individual paintwork is 'in the low double-digit percentage range'. This is true understatement: pay between 2400 and 8000 euros for a special paint and then choose black again. Instead of stone gray, ash gray or mouse gray, the 7 Individual customer chooses, for example, Sophisto gray, lava gray or Donington gray. We ignore that as well as citrine black, carbon black and jerez black. We prefer the Ferrari shade Rosso Corsa, the Porsche paintwork Miami blue or the M-typical Sakhir orange. In this environment, British Racing Green looks rather distinguished and inconspicuous.

Discreetly hide money with Designo

Exactly the right keyword for a Mercedes G in sea blue metallic. But hardly anything increases the presence of a G 63 as much as hyacinth red. Designo olive looks almost conventional.Incidentally, there is also no extra charge: Brilliant blue metallic costs nothing, while similarly striking Designo paints are on the bill for 2261 to 5117 euros. Here, too, Mercedes offers an opportunity to hide money: choose Designo Graphite Metallic for an inconspicuous 2261 euros, hope that no one notices it and be quietly happy.


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