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BMW 530d GT test: the four-door 5 Series Gran Turismo can do that

Hans-Dieter Seufert
BMW 530d GT in the test
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O w he founded a great new vehicle class or rather, it is a solution for which the problem is missing, everyone should judge for themselves. So we don't mind the fact that the term GT doesn't describe a traditional four-door hatchback, and certainly not a diesel variant.

A Boeing 747 is almost as difficult to park as the BMW 5 Series GT

We'll get to the straight six-cylinder diesel in a moment. First the body as wide as the BMW demands 7er , concentration - especially in narrow ones Motorway construction sites. The biggest disadvantage of the BMW 5er GT: the Outstandingly poor overview to the rear - a Boeing 747 is hardly more difficult to reverse into parking. Inside you can see what the 'space-functional concept' that BMW has put up with a lot of commitment is all about: asymmetrically foldable, tilt-adjustable and lengthways sliding rear seats - nothing that an Citro├źn C3 Picasso could not in principle. Much more important, however, is how excellently you can travel for two in the BMW GT rear, on highly comfortable upholstery and with plenty of legroom.

49 extras increase the price of the BMW GT by 28,640 euros

The lofty feeling of space extends the panorama roof - for an extra charge of 1,700 euros. Surcharges are an extensive topic: 49 extras increase the not exactly squeamish price of the test car by 28,640 euros. Dynamic and all-wheel steering, active stabilizers and adaptive dampers are involved with 4,750 euros. They give the BMW 5 Series GT surprisingly agile handling that feels almost artificial for purists. Still, it is impressive how seamlessly and without swaying the two-ton truck curves around bends. As its name suggests, the long route brings out the best of the BMW 5 Series GT (the BMW 5 Series GT in the driving report): comfort on par with the BMW 7 Series with assiduous suspension and low noise level.

The BMW 5 Series GT as diesel is the better choice

The highly sophisticated engine whispers against the gentle driving wind - as in the 7 Series, the new generation ofCommon rail machine. With 540 Nm it makes 140 more than the 500 Euro more expensive and 61 HP more powerful petrol engine in the 535i GT - the other six-cylinder GT. The power surges gently and quietly on the eight-speed automatic, which it portions smoothly and precisely. There is no need for any manual intervention, and it is easy to tire yourself flipping through the eight steps anyway. Differences to the petrol engine in terms of performance They add up to a few insignificant km /h and fractions of a second: 0.3 seconds in the sprint from zero to 100 km /h and ten km /h in Vmax. On average, the diesel engine consumes 9.8 L /100 km, three less than the petrol engine. If a four-door hatchback GT, then the 530d. Really.


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