BMW 528i Touring endurance test (intermediate result)

Karl-Heinz Augustin
BMW 528i Touring long-term test notes
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S ightseeing in the morning: the navigation system of the Thanks to real-time traffic information and extremely creative route guidance, the new addition to the BMW 528i Touring fleet guides the driver through remote city districts and back roads that probably only a few locals know, completely relaxed to the destination - at the best rush hour.

Also relaxed: the high-torque two-liter turbo engine with 245? HP, which, if necessary, with great commitment up to just before 7,000 rpm turns. You just don't like listening to the BMW 528i Touring and instead turn the radio a little louder.

BMW 528i Touring with all-wheel steering that takes getting used to

Speaking of turning: Integral Active Steering - in German : All-wheel steering with variable ratio - takes some getting used to. At a slow speed, minimal steering movements are enough to turn at least what feels like a right angle, which is initially irritating in underground garages, for example. On the other hand, the BMW 528i Touring was noticeable on the autobahn due to its somewhat uneven directional stability, which is partly due to the winter tires.


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