Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Edition (2021)

The Flying Spur Hybrid has half as many cylinders as a W12, but instead has an additional electric motor and lots of sustainable interior materials. At the start, the British drive up the special model Odyssean Edition.

At the end of 2021, Bentley wants to deliver the first hybrid versions of the Flying Spur to customers. To sweeten the start, the British resort to a tried and tested means: the limited special model. That goes by the name of Odyssean Edition and is as eco-friendly as a Bentley can be. At the same time, it is also the first car from the noble manufacturer to incorporate elements from the Concept EXP 100 GT into series production.,

700 km range

The mighty hood accommodates a fairly slender unit by Bentley standards. A 2.9-liter V6 with twin-scroll turbochargers in the hot V and 416 hp does the lion's share of propulsion. The 100 kW electric motor between the transmission and the combustion engine assists in bridging any turbo lag with a torque of up to 400 Newton meters. The energy comes from a 14.1 kWh battery, which when fully charged enables 40 purely electric kilometers of driving. With a full tank, Bentley promises a total range of around 700 kilometers. If all drive components work together, the data sheet shows 544 hp and 750 Newton meters of maximum torque.

This all applies to every Flying Spur Hybrid, but of course you want to know what makes the Odyssean Edition so special apart from the corresponding door sills. Let's stay with the interior for a moment. Open-pored Koa wood is used here. This is a rare species of acacia that only occurs in Hawaii and likes to find its way into the cockpits of luxurious vehicles. That doesn't sound particularly sustainable, but it means that Bentley needs up to 90 percent less paint than with a high-gloss veneer. Linen and tweed made from British wool are also used in the interior, with the British staying in the warm, earthy range in terms of colour. And what of that comes from the above study? To be honest, not very much. It's just about the color gradient of the accents in the seats.,

Six recommended colors

On the outside, accents in the color Pale Brodgar (a creamy silver) identify the special model. The color can be found in the 21-inch rims, on the decorative strips on the side, as well as on the front and rear. Bentley recommends six different paint colors for a harmonious interplay, but any shade from the palette can still be ordered. The standard equipment of the Odyssean Edition also includes an electrically extendable and retractable Bentley-B on the hood, the rotating display in the center of the dashboard and the Touring package with a collection of assistance systems.

There will only be 300 copies of the Odyssean Edition worldwide. Bentley has not yet commented on the price, but a look at the Bentayga SUV gives fodder for speculation. Here the hybrid costs around 11,000 euros more than the V8 version. The Flying Spur V8 is available in Germany from around 190,000 euros. This means that the hybrid itself should be just over the 200,000 euro mark. Of course, the status "special model" then has to be remunerated extra.,


The Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Edition does not prove that sustainability can only be achieved in the luxury segment using fine materials, but rather presents itself as a luxurious interpretation of sustainability. Earthy tones underline the idea inside and out - but in the end the special model remains what many special models remain: A predefined color combination with a limited edition plaque and its own door sills. If you want to save money - if that's an issue in this segment - just wait for the standard hybrid and choose the same earthy colors for the inside and outside.


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