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Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​in the driving report: 625 HP against the wind

Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​in the driving report
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L but Las Vegas is on the left and keep going the Continental until the continent ends, a colleague advised me when he heard that I was going to travel from San Francisco to Las Vegas in the new Bentley Continental GTC Speed. After all, Bentley sports cars used to be called Continental because they were built for long journeys across the continent. But this part of the world is simply too big for that. Past Las Vegas, further east until America comes to an end - in Norfolk /Virginia, for example - that is a good 2,500 miles. And even for the generous Bentley boys who take the key from me in the hotel driveway on the Strip after two days of driving, that's a bit much.

This is how the test drive with the Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​takes only around 700 miles, almost 1,200 kilometers. Most of them with the top down and far below the capabilities of this Bentley. Because the youngest descendant of the now broad-based Continental family is, according to its builders, the fastest four-seater convertible in the world (325 km /h).

Open-top driving with 625 HP

It has the drive train of the GT Speed ​​Coupé, i.e. 625 HP, the new eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive with slightly more rear-heavy torque distribution (60:40). With a car of this class, it may sound strange to some to find that a ten percent increase in performance (Continental GTC: 575 PS), two additional automatic gear shifts and a little more torque on the rear wheels would have been noticeably improved. After all, even the Bentley Continental GTC without the addition of speed rarely gave rise to the desire for more power.

Particularly spoiled car gourmets still missed a certain nonchalance in the simpler Continental that one would expect from a six-liter twin-turbo W12. The speed now has that in all conceivable driving situations. The numbers tell only very imperfectly how this Bentley sets in motion when the accelerator pedal is pressed firmly into the carpet: 4.4 seconds pass from a standstill to 100 km /h, less than six seconds later the speed has reached 160 . The W12 lifts its nose very slightly, thunders out of the exhaust pipe like a powerboat and sorts the planetary gear sets both quickly and smoothly. The driverAll that's left is to let the centrifugal force press you into the chair and use the steering wheel to set the direction of the Bentley Continental GTC Speed.

Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​with more power and less consumption

It may not even be of interest to him, but the W12 is not only more powerful, but also more economical: 15 percent less in standard consumption, says Bentley. The on-board computer says 20 miles per gallon after 300 speed-limited highway miles. That is about twelve liters per 100 km, and that is impressive.

The performance values ​​of the Bentley Continental GTC Speed, on the other hand, come from the factory specifications, because in America, which is limited in speed, it is strictly forbidden to try something like this. It is not forbidden to leave the permitted 65 miles per hour in the bends in the countless curves through the Sierra Nevada and on the many meters of altitude down into Death Valley. But even that is done casually by the Bentley Continental GTC Speed, with the slight whistling of its 21-inch winter tires, without any noticeable tilt and as calmly as if it was a matter of mastering a pebbled castle entrance at walking pace.

Bentley Continental GTC can also be dynamic

The Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​can of course also be different. If, for example, the gear is stirred using rockers or a gear knob or the sport level is engaged. Then the flaps in the exhaust flap their ears and the eight-speed box shifts down three to five gears with one jolt. All of this hardly makes it faster, only louder. And it doesn’t change the fact that 2.5 tonnes are balanced around the curves here.

The direct and smooth steering tries to conceal this with somewhat economical feedback. Although it works quite well, sometimes you want a little more feeling for the front wheels. Even in the Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​with winter tires, traction problems rarely occur in tight bends. And the air-sprung chassis - which lowers the speed body by ten millimeters - tries to smooth the desert highways in Nevada, which are not always perfectly flat. Very neat, says the passenger about the suspension comfort, but now he wants to try out the sport position of the dampers. Only to find out that it was activated for a long time.

Bentley with high potential for pampering

In the comfort The heavy Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​springs position even more confidently, despite the standard 21-inch wheels. And thanks to the good wind protection, the Siberia-compatible seat heating and the optional neck blow dryer (904 euros), the Bentley interior is a pleasant place to stay on sunny and snowy Sierra passes.

Even if not exactly cheaper. As a Speed, the Bentley Continental GTC costs from 227,290 euros and is then already very fully equipped. Except for the carbon brakes (12.382Euros) and the adaptive distance control (2,434 euros), it already contains pretty much everything you could want for the long journey. Even if it was only a small one this time - without the end of the continent in mind.


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