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Bentley Continental GT Number 9: 100th anniversary model

Bentley Continental GT Number 9
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1 You don't become 00 years old every day. The time has come for the British car manufacturer Bentley in 2019. To mark the occasion, Bentley is presenting a very special special model at the Geneva Motor Show. This is a Continental that bears the model name Number 9 and is created in Mulliner's in-house customization department. Since a total of only 100 copies are made, the noble Brit should immediately achieve collector status.

Car number 9 in the radiator grille

The Bentley Continental GT Number 9 is a homage to that 4½ liter Bentley with Sir Henry Ralph Stanley “Tim” Birkin - one of the original “Bentley Boys” - who took part in the 24-hour race in Le Mans in 1930. Birkin competed in the race with starting number 9, which was prominently emblazoned on the radiator grille. Bentley adopts this element in its edition model and adds another No. 9 emblems. The Continental GT Number 9, which is only available in the colors Viridian Green and Beluga Black, rolls on 21-inch rims in ten-spoke design in those colors. The exterior is complemented by the Blackline Specification and a carbon fiber equipment package.

The leather interior is also in Beluga Black or Cumbrian Green. However, the seats, door panels and other areas shine more in some places than in the standard Continental. Headrests, door panels and panels are embossed with 'B' emblems. The Continental GT Number 9 has an “Engine Spin” decoration on the center console. This is turned aluminum, which in Birkin's time was often used in racing car interiors because it reduced light reflections. There is also an analog watch from British Jaeger, the design of which was inspired by the instruments of the historic racing car.

Real blower wood in Number 9

The interior has some very special equipment details.

The special model receives the well-known rotation display, but with a peculiarity. It uses a piece of wood from Birkin's original racing car that was removed from the blower's seat during an earlier restoration. In the new Number 9, it is embedded in synthetic resin, sits in the center of the rotary display and is backlit. Some controls are studded with 18-carat gold; this is also a detail inspired by the blower. Door sills with the lettering '1 of 100' round off the look package.

The well-known W12 twin-turbo engine, which produces 635 hp and a maximum of 900 Newton meters, serves as the drive source. The performance: 3.7 seconds from zero to one hundred and 333 km /h top speed. The compressor motor of the Blower from 1930, on the other hand, produced a modest 177 hp. Incidentally, Birkin fought for the lead at times in the race at that time, but fell out during the race. After all, he drove the fastest race lap with an average of 144.362 km /h.


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