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Bentley Continental GT (2017): driving report, data, market start

New Bentley Continental GT (2017)
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U nd a topic flashes clearly on the outside on that the inclined customer can also find a variety of inside on request: a diamond-like diamond texture. This can be found in the front headlights as well as in the undivided rear lights - there the jewel graphic intensifies the depth effect enormously. The headlights are not just a show, they are also equipped with the latest generation of LED matrix light (each LED can be activated individually).

What is also noticeable are the narrow flashing strips in the exterior mirrors, the huge one oval upward-opening tank caps, the equally huge oval and very flat tailpipes and the proud '12' in the ventilation openings of the front fenders as a sign of the engine with the newly developed 6.0-liter W12 engine.

Nothing to see: With the optional' Rotating Display ', the infotainment screen at the top of the Center console and switches to either three analogue round instruments or a flat veneer surface (picture).

With a Bentley, a luxury vehicle , is a reasonable indoor e establishment indispensable. Darren Day, Bentley's chief designer for the interior, has a motto for the new Continental: The occupants have great technology at their disposal at all times, but this technology should not dominate the look. 'If you come into a smartly furnished room with a fireplace and a beautiful painting on the wall, don't look at the flat-screen TV either,' he says. And so, as expected, leather, metal and wood surfaces dominate the interior, optionally also at the upper end of the center console, where the 12.3-inch infotainment screen otherwise lights up. The rotating display, a spectacular, playful element, whose development, according to Day, was inspired by the rotating license plate on James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 in the movie Goldfinger, rotates for an additional charge. At the push of a button in the center console, the freely configurable 12.3-inch screen pulls out a fewMillimeters back into the dashboard, rotates 120 degrees and moves back to its original position. Now three analog round instruments calm the eye: on the left an outside temperature thermometer with a 20 degree setting at the 12 o'clock position, in the middle a compass with a fixed needle and movable scale and on the right a race timer. If you want even more visual calm, press the button again: the rotating display rotates again by 120 degrees and a simple wooden surface appears. Bentley is particularly proud of this display technology - after all, 40 moving parts were installed there, and the two electric motors for rotating and moving the display back and forth are kept at a constant temperature with cooling elements. And speaking of hidden technology: After the Bentayga, the new Continental is the second British model to have a super comfortable head-up display.

Surfaces are like those from Geneva watch manufacturers

A central theme of the new Continental: The diamond-cut structure mentioned above for the headlights can also be found on the loudspeaker grilles, the ventilation rings, the registers for the ventilation control, the rotary actuator for the drive programs and the rotary rings of the steering wheel satellites. A thin chrome strip extends from the doors over the dashboard and thus frames the passengers. When it comes to the metallic textures, the interior decorators were inspired by the finissage, i.e. the final processing of watch surfaces - for example, the classic technical pearl cut or elegant Geneva stripes are available.

'Close the door and no matter what is outside, inside here everything is Bentley: The light-colored leather stools with diamond-quilted shoulders are extremely comfortable - you can endure it here for hours. Nevertheless, the seats provide a pleasantly firm lateral support,' says Redakt eur Gregor Hebermehl zumnew Bentley Continental GT.

But now: Open the large coupé door and get into the driver's seat. Close the door and no matter what is outside, inside here everything is Bentley: The light-colored leather seating with diamond-quilted shoulders is extremely comfortable - you can endure it for hours here. Nevertheless, the seats ensure a pleasantly firm lateral support. I don't know who counted that, but 712 stitches are required for the diamonds that are individually stitched out in the shoulder area.

Even tall drivers have plenty of space over their heads in the Continental GT, and the wide center console provides a lot of space relaxed feeling of space towards the center of the vehicle. If you lift your head a little, you will have fun looking into the rimless interior mirror. The large gear selector lever sits at an easily accessible height, but its design is a bit simpler than its predecessor. The turntable for the driving characteristics sparkles thanks to its diamond-cut surface - and the fingers of the person handling it feel this surface sharply and clearly. The thick, firmly padded leather steering wheel is again great in the hand. The fully digital instruments shine in front of the steering wheel. Thanks to their design, these appear unreal three-dimensional and deep.

The top audio system for the new Bentley Continental comes from the English high-end hi-fi specialist Naim und works with 18 loudspeakers and a 2,200 watt 21-channel amplifier.

For the new Continental, Bentley offers three audio systems: Series is a standard system (ten loudspeakers, 650 watts), optionally there is a ver See sound system from Bang & Olufsen with a 1,500 watt amplifier. Anyone who thinks Danish Bang & Olufsen technology is the crown of audio equipment is wrong: The most expensive option comes from the English high-end hi-fi specialist Naim and works with 18 speakers and a 2,200 watt 21-channel Amplifier. With this system, the Naim logo lights up in the center of theDoor speaker grill. If you want to get yourself in the right mood visually, you can choose one of the twelve different colors of the mood light or the ambient light.

There are also plenty of assistants who work in the new Continental in an optically unspectacular manner, constantly concerned with the safety of the occupants and other road users. There is a cross traffic warning for the rear, a lane departure warning system, an adaptive cruise control, a night vision assistant with pedestrian detection and an emergency brake assistant.

The brake discs of the ten-piston brake system have a diameter of 420 and a thickness of 40 millimeters at the front - the one missing here Diameter only a hand's breadth up to half a meter.

While the predecessor took over a lot of technology from the now discontinued VW Phaeton, it is divided new Continental a platform with the current Porsche Panamera. Nevertheless, the car and thus also the rigid aluminum structure are built at Bentley in Crewe, England. In addition, the weight distribution has been improved from 58:42 to 55:45 between the front and rear. It is steered with purely electric power assistance and the brake discs of the ten-piston brake system have a diameter of 420 and a thickness of 40 millimeters at the front - here the diameter is only a hand's breadth up to half a meter. A four-piston brake system with 380 x 30 millimeter discs works at the rear.

The driving properties control dial in the center console offers three preset profiles: Sport, “B” entley (stands for “normal”) and Comfort. The fourth setting, called Custom, allows you to configure the parameters as you like. Among other things, the gas pedal characteristic curve, the dampers of the air suspension, which now has three chambers each (ensures an increase in the air volume by 60 percent), the ESP and the force distribution between the front and rear are influenced. In sport, only up to 17 percent of the drive torque is forwarded,while with 'B' and Comfort up to 38 percent of the power falls on the front axle - if the system registers a loss of grip on the rear axle. 'B' and Comfort only differ in the coordination of the remaining parameters.

The distribution of the torques on the axles is done via an ESP-controlled torque vectoring system: braking of the wheels on the inside of the curve ( tires with Pirelli P-Zero mixed tires) ensures more agile turning. Part of the on-board network in the new Continental runs at 48 volts to supply the stabilization systems with sufficient energy - after all, Dynamic Ride, including the anti-roll system, is part of the standard equipment. Here's something for the technology connoisseurs among you: The actuators from Dynamic Ride can, for example, deliver a torque of 1,300 Newton meters within 0.3 seconds to nip in the bud any tendency to roll in the car, which is 80 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

Behind He buzzes this grill: the new Continental is powered by a newly developed W12 engine - the new unit, which was built by hand in Crewe (294 individual parts, 6.5 hours assembly time) has nothing to do with the old 6.3-liter W12 do.

The new Continental is powered from a newly developed W12 engine - the new hand-built unit (294 individual parts, 6.5 hours assembly time) no longer has anything to do with the old 6.3-liter W12. Thanks to two twin-scroll turbos, the powerful engine develops 635 hp and generates a maximum torque of 900 Newton meters between 1,350 and 4,500 rpm. The technical subtleties of this twelve-cylinder are a dual-mass flywheel and two injection systems. The combination of a high-pressure system operating at 200 bar and a low-pressure system operating at six bar is intended to improve the development of force and torque as well as reduce particle emissions. For efficientMovement is a cylinder deactivation, which halves the displacement by deactivating six cylinders (in gears three to eight at less than 3,000 rpm and a torque of up to 300 Newton meters), and a start-stop system.

Compared to the previous engine, the new unit is also said to have lost 30 kilograms in weight. The power distribution is done by an eight-speed dual clutch transmission that should shift imperceptibly in comfort mode. The new Bentley Continental GT sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 3.7 seconds, the noble Briton is a maximum of 333 km /h (in sixth gear) - so the Englishman completes the sprint 0.8 seconds faster than his predecessor and saddles up to the top speed of 14 km /h. According to preliminary data, the Continental GT W12 emits 278 grams of CO2 per kilometer, which would correspond to an average consumption of around twelve liters per 100 kilometers. Bentley states that consumption compared to the previous model would have been 16 percent lower. Bentley wants to spare its drivers stopping at a boring gas station as much as possible: The range of the new Continental is 800 kilometers.

'In the end everything fits: From the outside, the new one continues the lines of its predecessor, but still looks refreshed and sportier. The interior designers make no mistakes - the car is stylish and has an extremely high-quality lining, 'says Gregor Hebermehl.

1,000 people are involved in the construction of a Continental GT. 2,300 circuits, 92 control units, eight kilometers of cable, ten square meters of wood veneer, nine bull skins, 2.8 kilometers of yarn and more software code than in a Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) must somehow come together. In the end everything fits: From the outside, the new one continues the line of its predecessor, but still looks refreshed and sporty. When it comes to the interior, the designers make no mistakes - the car is chic andlined extremely high quality. Inexpensive plastics shine through their absence and the optional “rotating display” should achieve an order quota of almost 100 percent - it is so British, playful and cool. There will be something for everyone in the drive programs and just to enjoy the haptic feeling of turning the adjusting knob, one or the other will probably rearrange the driving characteristics from time to time.

Has the large twelve-cylinder engine Bentley not given up but developed a new one: bravo. The fat maximum torque alone, which is available over a wide rev range, will ensure a lot of fun. Later on, the range of drives will certainly be supplemented by a V8 unit. According to Bentley, it has not yet been decided whether the new Continental will also be available as a plug-in hybrid. The new Bentley Continental will be delivered from March 2018.


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