Audi S8 Plus in the driving report

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Audi S8 Plus in the driving report
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D he big question: Why is the Audi S8 Plus not become an RS 8? Stephan Reil, Head of Technology at Quattro GmbH, explains this primarily optically. According to him, an RS model also has the appropriate styling: large air inlets, splinters, spoilers, a certain martialism, 'which in our opinion does not fit a business sedan'. Regrettable? Comprehensible? Both somehow.

Audi S8 Plus pushes monumentally in the driving report

Externally, the addition model remains largely incognito. The CFRP applications can also be deselected, as can the glossy black details. Only the spoiler lip on the trunk lid serves as a valid identification mark, which is just as necessary as the ceramic brake due to the Vmax lock raised to 305 km /h.

The rest is hidden: the aerodynamic modifications in the underbody area of ​​the Audi S8 Plus to immobilize the front axle at Vmax; the increase in performance, which happens via the boost pressure, optimized compressor wheels of the turbocharger and a speed increase; And even the driving experience does not show anything from the power that has been gained.

As soon as the door slams into the lock, the outside world is practically locked out. The V8 takes a quick breath when it starts, but then retreats back into its rooms. The air suspension of the Audi S8 Plus cushions defined but velvety over the asphalt. The briefly translated steering and rear axle lock create the usual ease of driving - in short: Up to a certain point, the Plus remains completely S8.

And this point is a few centimeters below the sole of the accelerator; once it is reached, the biturbo gathers its 750 Nm and tears the gap to its starting point that is expected for an extra 28,300 euros. The 1,990-kilo all-wheel drive pushes monumentally, noticeably more monumental than the 85 hp weaker standard model, accompanied by the thump from the exhaust system and a speedometer needle rotating upwards as if unhinged. 3.8 seconds pass to 100, and even the top speed is closer than expected. It's just a shame that the plus is purely longitudinally dynamic.


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