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Audi S8 (2019): Sport version comes with biturbo gasoline engine

Audi S8 (2019)
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E ts are reports like this that are causing an outcry among car traditionalists: In future, Audi's S models - from the S4 to the S7 - will be powered by diesel engines. At least those that are sold in Europe. A sports model with an oil burner, that still doesn't go together for many. But those traditionalists can now demonize Audi a little less. The new S8, which can be ordered in autumn and will be launched on the market towards the end of the year - two years after the normal A8 of the current generation - can burn Super Plus instead of diesel.

V8 biturbo with 571 hp and 800 Nm

The heart of the drive train is a V8 engine with four liters of displacement and double turbocharging. It makes 571 hp and provides a maximum of 800 Newton meters. Audi has placed a mild hybrid system around the combustion engine that works with a 48-volt belt starter generator and a lithium-ion battery. The technology should enable sailing with a deactivated engine, an extended start-stop range and a quick restart of the engine. This alone is said to reduce consumption by 0.8 liters; The cylinder deactivation should also reduce thirst.

Audi AG
As usual, subtle in the display of its motoric power: the new Audi S8.

High-tech when it comes to the chassis too: the new Audi S8 has the predictive active chassis with air suspension as standard. This is networked with the front camera: This reports major road bumps to the chassis electronics, which the suspension adjusts in advance obedience. In addition, each wheel can be pulled up or pushed down using electromechanical actuators. This should eliminate rolling movements in curves or diving in when braking and accelerating. The 'Comfort +' driving profile is new, in which not only the lateral acceleration acting on the occupantsreduced, but the body is also raised before entering. In the 'Dynamic' setting, on the other hand, the S8 distributes the roll moments according to the situation and even allows minimal oversteering self-steering behavior.

Rear-wheel steering and sport differential as standard

By the way: the sports sedan steers with all four wheels as standard , whereby the steering angles on the front and rear axles are selected independently of each other. There is also a sport differential on the rear axle that actively distributes the power between the rear wheels, minimizing the tendency to understeer and improving traction when accelerating out. On request, Audi can equip the S8 with a high-performance brake system that works with 420 millimeter discs at the front and 370 millimeter discs at the rear and with ten-piston calipers.

According to the manufacturer, a total of 38 assistance systems are used in the Audi S8, which are grouped into the two packages “City” and “Tour”. The latter includes the adaptive driver assistant, which bundles the functions of the adaptive cruise control as well as the traffic jam and lane departure warning and cooperates with the predictive efficiency assistant. This means that the S8 accelerates and brakes automatically, depending on the route ahead and the respective driving situation. Anyone who orders all driver assistants gets a car with five radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors as well as six cameras and a laser scanner.

In the most important markets only in the long version

The new one remains in its appearance S8 the understated muscle man that his predecessors were already. The subtle visual changes are limited to details on the front bumper and side skirts as well as the typical silver exterior mirror housings. The wheels are up to 21 inches tall. In addition, the four oval exhaust tailpipes and various emblems identify the S8 as the sporty top model of the series. Customers in China, Canada, South Korea and the USA are confronted with one special feature: the new S8 is available for the first time and exclusively in the long version. The 517 centimeters of the S8 offered in this country add up to another 13 centimeters.

Audi AG
The comfort sport seatswith heating, ventilation and massage function are standard.

In the interior, Audi offers nine different color and design worlds. The highlight is the pastel silver design selection, which gives the new S8 as the first and only Audi ever a carbon decorative strip with a 3D depth effect and, directly below, another decorative strip made of brushed, matt aluminum. As standard, the driver and front passenger take a seat on various adjustable comfort individual contour seats in a sport look, which have three-stage heating, ventilation, massage function and leather cover.

Amazon Alexa can move in on request

The MMI touch response operating concept with two large screens and almost natural speech recognition can be upgraded with Amazon Alexa if required. Customers can also book Car-to-X services; the S8 communicates with the traffic lights in more and more European cities and tries to create a green wave. In addition, the smartphone is networked with the new S8 in a variety of ways. The virtual cockpit allows three views: in driving mode, the focus is on the speedometer and tachometer, in infotainment mode the navigation map takes center stage, and in S-Performance mode there is a square tachometer in the center of the display. A head-up display is available for an extra charge.

At the price, Audi has so far been keeping a low profile. Adjusted for equipment, the new S8 should be on par with the previous model, which cost at least 117,000 euros. If you take into account the higher level of equipment of the newcomer, it should be a bit above this price.


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