Audi S7 in the driving report

Audi S7 Sportback TDI in the driving report
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D he basis for this is provided by the 3.0-liter V6 with 286 hp. One with a real pull on the chain - as soon as the starting weakness is overcome. The delayed response seems to be a consequence of the stricter emissions standard and the new test cycle, which are particularly troublesome for V6 diesel engines because of their longer exhaust gas routing.

E-compressor should take care of it

The increase in performance of the S7 engine enables temperature-resistant aluminum pistons and engine cooling optimized with a larger oil and water pump. Essential: the thick exhaust gas turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. Up to 1,650 per minute it is supported by an e-compressor that has an output of seven kW, rotates up to 70,000 revs and reacts to accelerator commands in a quarter of a second.

The increase in performance of the S7 motor enables temperature-resistant aluminum pistons and one with a larger one Engine cooling optimized for oil and water pumps.

After a number of attempts to accelerate, the first impression is: Admittedly, at low speeds there are occasional response delays due to the overrun fuel cut-off, which also occur with constant light pressure on the accelerator pedal lead abruptly. Overall, however, the S7 can be driven much more harmoniously than its siblings with 286 hp: everyday driving situations such as rapid starting work out much more smoothly.

When driving on country roads, the shift strategy, which is aimed at low consumption even in sport mode, allows the S7- Engine appear less agile than it actually is; Even with high brake pressure, the software often does not allow the fine ZF8 automatic transmission to downshift.

With the exceptional agility for a two-ton truck due to the optional rear-wheel steering, even in tight cornerstogether. So what to do The steering wheel gearshift paddles make an effort to ensure that around 3,000 tours are available when exiting the bend: Then, with a short delay, you go tremendously forward.

And the sound? Never too loud, plus in sport mode with a bassy V8 rumble. The effective insulation is combined with two speakers (dashboard, rear wheel arch) for a pleasant soundscape inside and outside: Synthetic? Yes - but difficult for a TDI.


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