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Armored Audi A8 L: Bulletproof limo with explosive doors and S8 engine

Armored Audi A8 L
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A udi is building armored variants of the A8 again - supposedly there are already two delivered to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Audi is now discreetly communicating a tank version of the long A8 intended for the Russian market in its catalog.

The security version has a blue signal light in the rear roof area on the catalog photos - perhaps the most noticeable and at the same time technically unspectacular change compared to the other the unarmored series versions. Additional additional lights are located in the exterior mirrors, behind the front grille and at the rear. The Russian security version of the A8 meets resistance class VR9, i.e. it can withstand fire with 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ammunition from a distance of ten meters. Thanks to reinforcements in the roof and underbody, the Panzer A8 can also withstand detonating hand grenades.

The control buttons for the fire extinguishing system, the armored intercom system, the fresh air system and the explosive emergency exit system are hidden under a flap.

Armored intercom

As an option, Audi offers an intercom system for the armored limo so that people can talk to people in the Communicate with the outside world - after all ch a vehicle with an open window is considered unarmored. The intercom technology is located in an armored box in the trunk. There is also a second battery and a fire extinguishing system that sprays extinguishing agent into the engine compartment, into the fuel tank, into the wheel arches and onto the underbody at the touch of a button.

The pressure bottles of the fire extinguishing system are housed in the trunk.

Doors can be blown out

In the event of an attack with irritant gas, there is a fresh air system that can supply the interior of the A8 with clean air for a limited period of time - a sensor permanently measures the quality of the outside air and controls the automatic switchover to the fresh air system. The special protection vehicle is also equipped with an emergency exit system: if the doors can no longer be opened, the driver can blast them out at the push of a button. Speaking of blasting: if the tires are destroyed, the car can still drive 80 kilometers with the run-flat tires - at a speed of up to 80 km /h. This is one of the most important properties of an armored vehicle: It must be able to leave the dangerous situation as quickly as possible.

The armoring of the A8 L takes 400 working hours and is partly done by hand.

Fast four tons

empty, the armored A8 with a long wheelbase weighs almost four tons (3,875 kilograms). The mass of the engine from the S8 gets it going: 563 hp and a maximum torque of 800 Newton meters ensure that the heavily armored sedan also gets off the ground properly. 100 km /h are reached in a respectable 6.3 seconds, also thanks to all-wheel drive - the Brummer is up to 210 km /h.

The armored Audi A8 L costs from 55 million rubles on the Russian market, which is currently around 688,777 euros.

Up to half a year waiting time

Converting an A8 L into an armored vehicle takes around 400 working hours, according to Audi. After ordering, it takes three to six months for delivery. The costs for the Russian market are at least 55 million rubles - currently that is the equivalent of around 688,777 euros.


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