50 years of the Citroen SM: Looking for a successor

50 years of Citroen SM
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A utomobile with premium claim meanwhile run under in the PSA group the label DS. Accordingly, the design development for a possible SM successor was delegated to the subsidiary brand DS.


Six drafts for the future

The members of the DS Design Studio Paris, under the direction of Thierry Metroz, accepted the challenge and worked out a total of six different drafts, which will be completed by March 14, 2020 will be presented successively. The drafts are always submitted in pairs to an audience vote via the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels of the French. The respective winners move on to the next round until at the end only one design remains. DS then draws a hand-signed litography of the winning design among the participants in the votes.

Other designers can also use these channels to actively contribute their ideas for a new SM.

DS leaves open what will become of the winning design. Fans of course hope for a new edition of the legendary SM .


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