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ZF X2Safe system: Warns of invisible pedestrians

ZF X2Safe system
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The cloud-based system uses the data of many different road users and warns in the event of a possible Collision the participants acoustically, by vibration or graphically. a uto motor und sport has already been able to test the X2Safe system in practice.

Pedestrians can also be warned

Thanks to so-called swarm intelligence, the system learns to predict certain movement patterns and the algorithm developed by ZF uses the position, direction and speed of people and vehicles to calculate whether an accident is imminent. All users of the ZF system who could be affected by a collision are warned. This not only applies to drivers, but also to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. If they don't have a smartphone with them that can be used to send the warning via the app, a chip that you can carry with you is sufficient.


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