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ZF Innovation Tractor: assistance systems for agriculture

ZF Innovation Tractor
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M ith the concept of the Innovation Tractor, ZF shows how efficiency, Increase comfort and safety when intelligent systems from the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors are transferred to agricultural vehicles.

The Innovation Tractor sees, thinks and acts with the help of numerous cameras and sensors that monitor its surroundings. These optical data are the basis for various assistance systems such as automated maneuvering or coupling. In addition, an electric single-wheel drive on the trailer or on the attachments ensures optimal progress in the field.

6 cameras around the driver's cab monitor the surroundings and provide the data for automatic coupling processes, for example. A generator module is built into the transmission of the Innovation Tractor, which provides a continuous output of up to 60 kW for electrical applications - for example, electric wheel hub motors in the trailer that create additional traction reserves. Later it would even be conceivable to let trailers drive autonomously.

Remote-controlled driving would already be possible now. Outside of the vehicle, the driver only gives the direction on the tablet and the team maneuvers all by itself. It goes forward a maximum of 4 km /h, while reversing, however, the maximum speed is 2 km /h. Automatic coupling of devices can also be initiated in this way. Only the connections (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic) have to be made by the driver himself.


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