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ZF in the sights of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office (2019)

ZF in the sights of the Stuttgart public prosecutor
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D he Stuttgart Public Prosecutor's Office is interested in the automotive supplier ZF. The authority determines whether the transmission control software supplied by ZF may contain code that could have an impact on results on fuel consumption and emissions. A spokesman for the public prosecutor emphasizes that it is not a preliminary investigation, but only a test process. Investigations would only start if there was an initial suspicion.

The public prosecutor has not yet revealed which vehicles the transmission control in question could have been used in. ZF confirms that they would be in contact with the authority. ZF is the second large German supplier to call on the public prosecutor's office in the wake of the emissions scandal. Bosch already accepted a fine of 90 million euros in May 2019 because the Swabian company is said to have supplied engine controls with the software of which VW manipulated diesel emissions.

Suspected as co-conspirator in the USA

According to a report by the 'Südkurier', ZF is also accused of involvement in the exhaust gas manipulation of vehicles from VW subsidiary Audi in a class action lawsuit by US lawyers. In the proceedings against the Ingolstadt-based automaker and the supplier Bosch, which has been ongoing since 2017, the supplier from Friedrichshafen is now also appearing as a “co-conspirator”. According to the plaintiff, participation is 'likely'.

Together with US experts, according to the Südkurier, a task force determined this matter internally. Four employees, including two high-ranking managers, have become involved ZF meanwhile separated. When asked by the “Schwäbische Zeitung”, the supplier said: “ZF is neither listed nor named as a defendant in this lawsuit. Overall, we are not aware of any lawsuits or official investigations relating to this issue against ZF in the USA, Canada or in other parts of the world. '


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