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Zeus Twelve: Supercars for the super-rich

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Zeus Twelve
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G ray Design is at home in the world of the super-rich and draws exclusive yachts for billionaires and unusual automobiles for the Russian luxury goods supplier Dartz. With the newly founded Zeus Twelve automotive division, they now want to address the potent car customer directly and have launched three production-ready designs.

Gold sets highlights

With the Gold Rush you have a classic super sports car in your range, the Magnate is supposed to meet the needs of a fast touring car and the Sigma is looking for its well-being on the circuit. Zeus Twelve gets technical support from Lotus, the models are to be manufactured at Mansory.

In the Gold Rush, a six-liter V12 with around 510 hp is to provide propulsion. The gullwing should be able to reach a top speed of 302 km /h. But the Gold Rush should also shine slowly in the hotel entrance, with gold-plated radiator grilles, gold-plated exhaust tailpipes and gold-plated intake pipes that peek through the bonnet.

Almost 300 km /h are always possible

The Swedes want luxury and speed to be bundled in the Magnate model. The ultimate luxury sedan is powered by a 6.75 liter V8 engine and with over 500 hp is said to be good for a cruising speed of 296 km /h. In addition to numerous real gold applications, the visual highlights should also include double-wing doors that open in opposite directions and the landaulet option for the rear area. Of course, the interior is clad with lots of high-quality leather.

If you have enough money, time and a race track, the Sigma should be your first choice. Drawn in the style of a formula racer, the carbon fiber flounder offers space for two passengers. The large glass hood over the cockpit can also be removed. In order to generate sufficient airflow, the Sigma is propelled by a turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder with a good 335 hp at a maximum of 290 km /h. At an earlier stage, the Sigma was still designed with an electric drive.

The Swedes did not name prices for the supposedly production-ready designs. Interested parties are also welcome to express special requests.


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