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Zetros special fire truck: Thick thing against forest fires

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge
Zetros special fire truck
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D he Mercedes Zetros was mainly focused on the Developed for off-road use. Unlike many commercial vehicles, which are designed to perform different jobs in both road and all-wheel drive versions, the Mercedes Zetros, like the Unimog, has a more uncompromising structure. The version with the Hauber cab does cost a bit of loading space, but it has some advantages in terms of maintenance and operation. While the military, but also expedition travelers, have long since discovered the advantages of the Zetros, the heavy off-road truck is still an absolute exception for fire departments.

Squadron cabin for the Zetros

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has developed a special structure based on the Zetros for fire service operations, which could end the Zetros wallflower existence in blue light operations. Among other things with the crew-friendly four-door relay cabin, which offers space for a six-person fire brigade group. The special fire truck based on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 1833 A 4x4 is designed for fighting forest and open space fires. For this purpose it was put into service at FFW Filderstadt under the registration number Florian Filderstadt 4/29.

The driver's cab has been lengthened by 700 mm to transport the six-person crew. It is equipped with continuous LED lighting, auxiliary heating and a rear-facing bench seat with individual seat cushions, headrests and three-point seat belts.

Underride protection and Heat insulation

The forest fire equipment includes a bull catcher at the front, a branch deflector above the cabin, various protective bars on the lighting equipment and a special hinged step at the rear. The thermal insulation of all electrical and pneumatic lines on the frame and on the axles was fixed with stainless steel clamps. All important units such as the engine, fuel tank and compressed air tank are protected with metal plates against damage from tree stumps or bushes. The official fording depth is 80 cm, which means that it can be deployed even during floods.

Thanks to the automatic transmission, the fire-fighting Zetros can be operated without any problems, and sling chains ensure safety on smooth surfaces. The S-TLF is equipped with a 14 kVA generator, lighting kit, 2 motor chain saws, submersible pump, waste water pump, hydraulic winch 50 kN, equipment forFighting forest fires, front spray system and roof hatch with hollow jet pipe for pump and roll operation.


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