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Zenos E10 R: AC Cars takes over sports car manufacture

Sports car maker Zenos is bankrupt
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S e Zenos' sales have been suspended since mid-January and they were looking for one potent investor, because Zenos is still convinced of the product. Now it seems to have been found. As Autocar reports, a consortium led by AC Cars has now taken over all rights, all production tools and 10 finished vehicles. A purchase price was not mentioned. The production facility in Norfolk is to be retained, but it has not yet been decided whether cars will be manufactured there again. It is possible that the Zenos models will be manufactured parallel to the Cobras by AC Cars in South Africa in the future.

Review of the product. The classic “British Sportscar” looks different today than it did in the 70s and 80s. Not like a Lotus Elan, TVR's S-Series or a Jensen-Healey, no. The “British Sportscar” has evolved into a racetrack toy, if you will. The latest example: the Zenos E10R.

Zenos E10 R with 500 hp - per ton

Zenos, we are already familiar with that. In 2014, the English brought the E10 onto the market under the direction of ex-Caterham boss Ansar Ali. An alien-like structure made of carbon and aluminum, open like all Caterhams and with a naturally aspirated 200 hp engine. An entry-level version, so to speak. The S version of the E10 was turbocharged and developed 250 hp.

Exhaust with a difference: Two tailpipes on the E10 R.

For the year In 2016 the English came up with something that we already know from various other sports car manufacturers: more power with less weight. Lotus does it at Elise and similar to the Evora.

The Zenos E10 R develops 355 hp, which it only transmits to the rear axle. He draws this power from a 2.3-liter four-cylinder mid-engine with turbocharging from Ford. Sounds familiar? No wonder, because the EcoBoost engine does its job in the Mustang as well as in the upcoming Focus RS .

Engine from the Ford Focus RS

The gears of the E10-R version are also changed with a six-speed manual transmission. The transmission is built according to the transaxle principle. It sits on the rear axle and offers a better weight distribution because it is not so front-heavy.

So far, so unspectacular. But with its curb weight of just 700 kilograms and the resulting power-to-weight ratio of around 500 hp per ton, the E10 R is in a class with the Bugatti Veyron (520 hp /ton). The maximum torque is 475 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

This should accelerate the E10 R from 0 to 60 mph (96 km /h) in just 3.0 seconds. A maximum of 250 km /h is possible. That doesn't sound like much at first, but 250 km /h should be fast enough even with the optional windshield.

For the main purpose of the Zenos, the racetrack, more is required than just longitudinal dynamics. Although: Zenos wants to ensure adequate deceleration with reinforced brakes.

Zenos E10 R with double wishbones

The E10 R should also convince in terms of transverse dynamics. To make this possible, the English built a chassis construction with double wishbones on both axles. Adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs are also part of the standard equipment.

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To ensure that the Zenos E10 R gets its performance on the road, the English manufacturer is installing special Avon ZZR semi-slicks on the particularly light OZ rims of the 'Ultraleggera' type . Weight savings in the interior too: the seat shells are made almost entirely of carbon fiber. Six-point belts and a removable steering wheel are also available. Anyone who is exclusively on the racetrack can order their Zenos E10 R without a catalytic converter (bypass).

The fast Englishman is not a bargain. The Zenos E10 R costs at least £ 39,999Sterling, which is exactly 56,777 euros at the current exchange rate.


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