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  • Zagato has been making car dreams come true for over 90 years: Exclusive car design for exclusive customers

Zagato has been making car dreams come true for over 90 years: Exclusive car design for exclusive customers

Zagato makes car dreams come true
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While Ugo Z agato put the focus on lightweight construction and aerodynamics, after the 2nd World War I also made small series for exclusive vehicles. Even limited series production is no problem for Zagato up to 99 models.

Show stage for Zagato, the Geneva Motor Show

And it is precisely in this number that Zagato is launching the Perana Z-One for the American market. The super sports car with a Corvette engine and an output of up to 505 hp is said to cost $ 100,000. The Z-One, which premiered at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, will be available to buy from August 2010. The Geneva Motor Show is traditionally the show stage for the Italian bodywork cutters - Zagato is no exception.

In 2008 the Italians showed the Bentley Continental GTZ there, and in 2007 the Diatto Ottovu Zagato with the two car collectors, the Italian car brand reintroduced Wanted to move into the limelight. 2007 also saw the birth of the Spyker C12 Gullwing, of which only 24 were built. The 99 models of the Aston Martin DB 7 and the AR 1, the convertible version, were sold out shortly after the premiere in 2002/2003.

Exclusive one-offs for collectors

But it works even more exclusive at Zagato. Yushiyuki Hayashi, owner of numerous historically very valuable Ferrari models - including a 166MM, a 250 Spider California, two Daytona and an Enzo - wanted Zagato (s) to have a 575 M in the style of the famous Berlinetta 250 GTZ - and got this model. And the Italian furniture and luxury goods magnate Paolo Boffi also had his Zagato tailored to his body. The unique piece was called Maserati GS in 2007 and was based on the Maserati Spyder. The last single item for a collector from southern Germany was the Alfa Romeo TZ3, which was launched on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Alfa brand and is based on the already legendary 8C.

Zagato also makes rail vehicles and jewelry

By the way, the Zagato Design Center has been developing product designs for watches, electrical engineering and jewelry since 1990. In the transportation sector, among other things, motorcycles, agricultural equipment and rail vehicles. So forAn example is the people mover presented in 2002, which is intended to mobilize students on the university grounds from 2020 in the CO2-free city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi. However, the car models remain at the heart of Zagato. More than 90 years of car history speaks volumes - we show the highlights in our photo show.


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