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Youngtimer 01/2010
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F The following topics in Youngtimer 01/2010 provide for a varied Year one.

Cover story

Pole position: BMW 850 CSi and Porsche 928 GT with purchase advice - One must to gain the lead. At the beginning of the nineties, the BMW 850 CSi took over and drove away from the Porsche 928 GT constructively. Today the Porsche is ahead of the times in the zeitgeist, although the BMW is the better car.

Driving reports

Out of Africa: Nissan Laurel 2.8 D SGL - The Nissan Laurel 2.8 D was considered the king of diesel at the time. Six-cylinder, relaxed 90 PS, unbreakable and without high-tech clutter. This one has only got 250,000 kilometers down.

The Capitano's car: Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1.6 with purchase advice - This Alfetta GT 1.6 last belonged to an Italian police chief. He actually never wanted to give up the car.

Five concert: Four generations of the BMW M5 - 25 years ago, the 3.5-liter engine of the M1 and the slim fives the yes-word. The silver wedding anniversary of the M5 is not about the first ailments, but about the N├╝rburgring-Nordschleife. And the successor is also there.

German Wing: Gemballa Avalanche - A huge rear wing marks the most radical
Porsche conversion from the eighties. He helped tame the 395 hp of the Gemballa Avalanche.


Fast Food: Essen Motor Show - Fewer spectators, fewer exhibitors and less show - in the year of the scrapping bonus, the organizers of the Essen Motor Show also had to give up. Nevertheless, it is and remains the Mecca of the tuning motorsport scene.

Crate battle: Cheap Volvo 740 and 760 - Large station wagon equals 700 series from Volvo, this law of nature understands even a Benz T-model. We wanted to know what the market had to offer and found honest, rust-free marathon runners, even noble limousines at a ridiculous price.


On demand: Restoration: Ford Granada 2.0 L - A sale was prohibited out of piety, the Granada was no longer presentable. So G├╝tters slid into the full restoration of their family carriage.

Sporty, sporty: new car miniatures


The Lord of Things: Scene Yusuf Oksaz and his car Collection - Mopeds, discarded airport chairs - or even cars: the Stuttgart club owner Yusuf Oksaz's passion for collecting knows no bounds.

Green is the hope: the Honeyball rally in the VW Passat - With the newly bought garage find on a 2000 kilometer long classic car rally. Can that go well? A test with a VW Passat LS. And with two technicians on board.

600 current youngtimer prices with a marketplace for classified ads


We can do it differently: Rallye Vorderpfalz Classic - We didn't have a chance, but we took it. This is the story of how you can win Germany's most legendary asphalt test without equipment.

Mills and More: World Championship driver Phil Mills in a rally escort - Phil actually earns money Mills made his living in modern rallying as a co-driver of the former world champion Petter Solberg. But his heart beats louder and faster for old Ford Escorts.

Cars in this issue

- Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1.6
- BMW 850 CSi
- BMW M5 (E28)
- BMW M5 (E34)
- Ford Escort MK2
- Ford Granada 2.0 L
- Gemballa Avalanche
- Nissan Laurel 2.8 D SGL
- Opel Kadett GT /E
- Porsche 928 GT
- Volvo 740 GL Kombi /Sedan
- Volvo 740 GLE TD
- Volvo 760 GLE Turbo
- Volvo 740 GLE TD Kombi

Preview of Youngtimer 02/2010 - from April 7th at the kiosk

Current Sport Studio - BMW M3 meets Lancia Delta Integrale. Germany versus Italy, perfection versus emotion. All-wheel drive versus lock. The duel of the compact track and field athletes.

Cheap eBay Taunus - Youngtimer purchase on eBay - Desperate act, direct hit or bargain trap? Despite the H mark, the gold piece costs only 965 euros. Blind date with a happy ending?

Lamborghini Countach Turbo - At the time it was the fastest road sports car in the world. Another superlative: There is only this one copy.

Strange Saab - Cars like from a better world, idiosyncratic and of bitter charm. We reveal the secret of the trolls.


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