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Youabian Puma is sold: a monster SUV, ugly without end

James Edition /Youabian
Youabian Puma monster SUV is on sale
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W At least it has an incomparably high Recognition value. But that should be the only thing that can be credited to the Youabian Puma.

The monster SUV, which was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2013, is now only 848 kilometers on the Tacho sold by the luxury online auction house 'James Edition' - if a buyer should be found who can endure the design. And: who wants to pay the requested price of 895,000 US dollars (approx. 830,000 euros). What does the potential customer get for this price, which is around $ 50,000 above the starting price of a Porsche 918 Spyder?

Youabian Puma: the ugliest car of all time?

The Puma's narrow snout with attached additional headlights should look like the eponymous big cat on prey. Unfortunately, the front turned out anything but that, namely terribly cruel, like a carp on Valium. The open wheel arches with gigantic off-road tires are a mystery. Why?

The roofline still looks quite humane with the roof closed - yes, the Puma is also a roadster SUV. But everything that comes underneath looks more like a massive belt of fat that hangs down. In front of the rear wheel arches, sidepipes discharge the exhaust gases of the ugliest car of all time. The taillights at the rear apparently come from remnants of the Japan tuning shop.

James Edition /Youabian
Here the Puma is parked next to a Porsche Carrera GT, or something that looks like it.

Puma with 505 hp LS7 engine

Youabianrummaged around on General Motors' shelves for the Puma engine, of course, the LS units with eight cylinders are considered reliable and are also relatively cheap to buy. The LS7 engine with a displacement of 7.0 liters and 505 hp should be enough to set the monster truck, which weighs more than three tons, in motion. Even more: Youabian gives an acceleration time of only 5.9 seconds to 96 km /h. That would make the whale-like monster about as fast as a BMW 330d.

But much more thirsty. On average, the Youabian Puma should get by on the highway with 15.7 liters of unleaded gasoline. On request, Youabian can also install a 650 hp compressor engine. Power is always transmitted to all four wheels by a 6-speed automatic.

James Edition /Youabian
For the interior, the designers apparently rely on Volvo technology.

'An offer for individualists who already have everything'

The description of the offer reads so unrealistic that you want to scream: “The Youabian Puma is a car for individualists who already had every super sports car in their fleet and are now looking for something real h unique look that not many people can afford. ”So an ugly status symbol, that's the puma. We don't know whether poker millionaire Dan Bilzerian has already reported claims.

After all, the Puma is approved in the USA and has a certificate from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California. This means that the monster SUV problem can be shipped all over the world.

We would like to see the Youabian Puma in a place where it will go undetected forever. If you want a crazy super SUV that looks like a monster truck, then prefer we prefer this one . It's also cheaper.

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