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Yeehaw Hennessey: 10,000 cars from the wild Texas tuner

Texas tuner Hennessey celebrates with a Mustang special model
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S imagine, there is a guy who takes Arnold Schwarzenegger by the hand in his prime and says: “Come on, let's go to the gym for a bit. There's still something going on with you. ”Of course this guy would be a Texan and of course Hennessey would be on his name tag. It's similar with the tuner of the same name from the said US state. Except that the PS freaks have meanwhile taken 10,000 Schwarzenegger automobiles by the hand and continued to inflate them - and that has to be celebrated.

Have the 10,000 cars tuned by Hennessey an average of 650 hp. This Mustang brings it to 808.

Ford and Hennessey give guarantee

Inspired by the Heritage Edition of the Ford GT, Hennessey presents itself with the 808 hp 'Hennessey Heritage Edition Mustang'. There are 677 Newton meters in addition, in 3.3 seconds it goes to 100 km /h, it only stops at 320 km /h. “It's the most beautiful Mustang we've ever built. And it has the power that goes with optics like this, ”says CEO John Hennessey. The basis is the current Ford Mustang GT with its five-liter V8, the Hennessey series is limited to 19 units. You would now expect an immense price, but the anniversary model starts at a comparatively low $ 90,000 (around 77,000 euros). There is even a three-year Hennessey-Ford-Kombinatons guarantee on top and - not to forget - a personal thank you letter from the head of the tuning company. The limited muscle car can be ordered by anyone, regardless of the country. However, only at the authorized dealers in Houston andNashville.

Since 1991, Hennessey has been providing more power for sports cars, pickups and exotic cars. A vehicle tuned by the Texans has an average of 650 hp - an average of 27 (!) Years. A total of around 6.5 million horsepower rolled out of the halls during this period. You can see which models, apart from the most recent creation, have their share in this crazy number of horses in our picture gallery. Oh yes, before we forget: Congratulations from us on 10,000 tuned cars!


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